Sirius Canada now available on the Sonos Music System

Sonos, makers of wireless music systems for the home, and subscription satellite radio provider Sirius Canada week announced today that Sirius Canada is now available to Sonos users.

Beginning today, Sonos users can add Sirius via the “More Music” tab on any Sonos controller.

Sirius and XM Canada offering six holiday music channels

Last month Digital Home wrote about Satellite radio provider Sirius XM offering its subscribers seven limited run holiday music channels. After that story, we had some negative feedback from Sirius Canada subscribers who complained that not all of the channels were available in on either XM Canada or Sirius Canada.

After some investigation, we have learned that Sirius Canada is only offering six out of the seven holiday channels available on Sirius XM. The missing station in Canada is Navidad which features contemporary Latin holiday music and traditional sounds.

Sirius XM Canada reaches 2 million subscribers

Sirius XM Canada, the merged company which operates the XM Canada and Sirius Canada satellite radio services, today announced that it reached the two million subscriber mark.

On May 31st of this year, the combined company had 1.92 million subscribers consisting of 1,266,000 Sirius subscribers and 661,200 XM subscribers.

Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Sirius XM Radio, Inc. is the holding company for two subscription satellite radio services operating in the United States, Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio. Originally operating as separate services, Sirius and XM merged in July of 2008.

In Canada, subscription satellite radio services are offered by two separate companies, privately owned Sirius Canada and publicly owned Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. Operating independently of their U.S. counterparts, the Canadian firms have been selling modified Canadian versions of the U.S. service since December 2005.

Sirius Canada: What happened to all its customers?

Sirius XM Canada this week reported pre-merger financial results for the second quarter ended May 31, 2011 which, for the first time ever, included actual customer subscriber counts for Sirius Canada.

In its results, Sirius XM reported that Sirius Canada had 866,430 subscribers at the end of May 2011, up from 744,000 at the end of February 2011.

Digital Home talks with Sirius XM Canada about today’s merger

Perhaps knowing that Digital Home readers need to be the first to know, I received a phone call today from the man who runs customer service at the newly merged company, Al MacNevin. Al and I spent about a half hour on the phone and I asked him all the questions that I’m sure that all or our members who are Sirius Canada or XM Canada subscribers want to know.

Sirius XM overhauling its channel line-up on May 4th

Subscription satellite radio provider Sirius XM has announced that its channel line-ups on both Sirius and XM radio will be reshuffled on May 4th.

The most notable change is that virtually all of the stations will have the same channel number whether you are tuned to a Sirius radio or an XM Radio. Sirius XM says some differences will remain between the Sirius and XM channel offerings due to technical reasons or agreements with content providers.

CRTC approves merger of XM and Sirius Canada

In a broadcasting decision handed down yesterday, the CRTC has approved the merger of subscription satellite radio services Sirius Canada and XM Canada.

Sirius and XM Canada justified the merger to the CRTC by saying that the respective companies faced “significant financial challenges” and argued “that the proposed merger would accelerate their ability to achieve positive long-term cash flow and profitability.”

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