For Rogers customers only: Leafs games streamed online

Rogers said this week that it will offer its VIP digital cable customers free live streaming of twenty nine Toronto Maple Leaf games through its Video on Demand internet portal.

Starting on Monday, October 17, all regular season games broadcast seen on Sportsnet and Leafs TV, plus additional on-demand programming such as Game In Six Minutes or Game In One Hour, will be available online to customers within the Leafs territory.

Rogers On Demand online adds Galaxie music channels

Galaxie, the Montreal based music service formerly owned by the CBC and now owned by Stingray Digital, has announced the launch of their Galaxie Online Music Player on Rogers On Demand online (RODO).

RODO is an online portal where Rogers Cable, Wireless and internet subscribers can watch video from various content providers such as Rogers Media, CanWest and Corus and now where they can listen to their favourite Galaxie music channels.

Sony signs on to Galaxie Music Video on Demand Service

Montreal based Stingray Digital announced this week a deal with Sony Music that would add the label’s music video content to the Galaxie Music Videos on Demand service.

The service is now available as part of the Rogers Video on demand (VOD) service and Rogers Online On demand (RODO) service. Stringray says it hopes to have the service available on other Canadian cable providers in the future.

2010 FIFA World Cup coming to Rogers On Demand

ogers Communications announced this week it would make all 64 2010 FIFA World Cup matches available for viewing on its Rogers Video on demand service.

With nearly two-thirds of tournament matches broadcast live from South Africa on CBC, Radio-Canada and Teletino during the Canadian workday, the on demand option will be welcome by many soccer fans.

Rogers on demand online service now out of beta

After a seven month beta phase, Rogers Cable announced today that its Rogers on demand online (RODO) service offering is no longer in beta.

RODO is an online portal where Rogers Cable, Rogers Wireless and Rogers internet subscribers can watch video from various content providers such as Rogers Media, CanWest and Corus.

Rogers on Demand online fails to impress

In late November, at a posh hotel in downtown Toronto, Rogers Cable unveiled Rogers on Demand Online (RODO) which the company in hyperbolic fashion claimed was the “Next Big Thing in Television”

After it first launched, Rogers customers gave the service a resounding thumbs down with comments like “RODO is a BOMB-O!” and complaints about the lack of content and too many BlackBerry ads.

Rogers Cable to hike Internet overage fees by 100%!

Imagine you are a Rogers Ultra-lite internet customer that pays $26 a month for Internet service and imagine over the holidays, while you were off work, you decided to view some “free” movies online from Rogers new on Demand online (RODO) service.

Then imagine that a few months later you receive a bill for $76 because during your time off, the “free” Rogers on demand videos online that you watched caused you to exceed your monthly bandwidth cap by 10GB or more.

CTV expands online offerings for December

Perhaps in response to Rogers recent Rogers On Demand online offering, CTV announced this week it would be offering an expanded list of online viewing for December.

Among the expanded offerings, the network will make available every episode of this seasons Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Criminal Mind, Flash Forward and Private Practice available for online viewing.

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