CRTC Asks Canadians for Help in Measuring Broadband Speeds

The CRTC has issued a call to Canadians to assist in the testing of broadband internet speeds across the country. Interested parties can volunteer to participate in a project that will measure the performance of internet services offered by 10 different Canadian internet service providers. The results will let Canadians know what kind of speeds […]

New study shows Canada’s mobile employment growth rate

New app development is one of the key drivers in employment growth across the app industry in Canada over the last year. Visit for more!

Next is Now…More than Ever video

This video was produced by Rogers and essentially generalizes statistics surrounding  Canadian consumer tech usage and patterns. You can check out the video at, where there are also a list of sources that were used to compile the information used in the video. The video highlight some interesting future trends, which you can talk about in our Internet, […]

How do Canadians use tech to manage their personal relationships?

Rogers released their second Innovation Report this morning, which focused on how Canadians use technology to manage their personal relationships. We have included the report below, but here are some highlight stats we found interesting: * Young adults (ages 18-24) spend roughly two and a half hours per day talking to their significant other. * […]

Global demand for mobile TV increases

Consumers desire for “anytime, anywhere” entertainment is radically changing the traditional TV viewing experience outside of Canada, according to a global study released today by Motorola Mobility.

One notable finding in the global study of video consumption habits among 9,000 consumers in 16 markets was the rapid increase in mobile TV viewing in the past year.

Global PC sales continue to slow

Worldwide Sales of personal computers are expected reach 364 million units in 2011, up 3.8 percent from 2010 according to an updated forecast from the Gartner research firm. While the numbers are expected to be positive for the year, the estimates are much weaker than originally predicted.

Two thirds of American adults use social networking sites

Almost two out of three (65%) of adult internet users in the United States now say they use a social networking site, up from 61% a year ago, according to a recent report by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

The researchers also say that if marks the first time that more than half of all adults (which includes online and offline adults) use sites such as MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Majority of post secondary school cell phone users have a smartphone

A recent online survey of 601 randomly selected college and university students from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal has found that 60 percent of cell phone users own smartphones.

Smartphone usage was highest among students in Toronto at 65 percent while Montreal was the lowest at 50 percent.

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