Average American watches over 34 hours of Television a week

The average American watched 34 hours and 39 minutes of television per week during the final three months of 2010 according to a recent State of the Media report by the Nielsen company.

Super Bowl XLV most watched program in U.S. broadcast history

According to preliminary results from ratings giant, The Nielsen Company, Sunday night’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLV on FOX was the most watched television show ever in the United States.

U.S. TV viewing spikes during Winter Storms

Ratings giant Nielsen has published some interesting television audience numbers for last month, The firm has calculated that the storm of January 10-13, 2011 was the most impactful storm on television viewing in recent history.

It seems that in addition to dumping record-breaking amounts of snow and ice across the United States, the nationwide blizzards and snowstorms also deposited an unusually large numbers of viewers, especially kids and teens, in front of their TV sets.

American TV shows sweep first week of the season

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars annually in government subsidies, Canadian made television shows failed to make a dent in last week’s primetime ratings.

BBM Canada reports that the top fifteen shows in Canada during the first week of the fall television season were all produced in the United States.

TV Networks audience greying faster than population

The median age, the age at which half its audience was younger and half older for viewers of the big four U.S. Television Networks is now 51, according to a report by veteran media analyst Steve Sternberg.

The report says the median age has climbed at twice the rate of the general U.S. population over the last twenty years.

CBC draws record audiences for World Cup Final

A record number of Canadians tuned into coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa final on Sunday according to BBM overnight measurements.

Spain’s victory over the Netherlands attracted an average audience of 5.13 million to CBC while an average audience of 685,000 tuned in to Radio-Canada Télévision.

Record numbers watch Canada win hockey gold

Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium claims that 22 million people – or two thirds of the Canadian population – were watching the Gold medal hockey match when Sidney Crosby scored in overtime.

Over 7 million Canadians watched Bilodeau win Gold

Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium announced that over 7.3 million viewers watched Alexandre Bilodeau triumph in the Men’s Moguls, making it one of the most-watched sporting events in Canadian history.

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