How an HTPC and Video Redo have improved my television viewing experience

While I have dabbled with Over-the-Air (OTA) television for years I never really spent much time exploring it because I was either subscribing to Rogers Cable or Bell ExpressVu (now called Bell Satellite TV) for my television service.

As one of Canada’s first personal video recorder (PVR ) users, I was content for many years to simple call up the cable or satellite company’s Electronic Program guide and press record and watch my shows at a later date.

Global demand for mobile TV increases

Consumers desire for “anytime, anywhere” entertainment is radically changing the traditional TV viewing experience outside of Canada, according to a global study released today by Motorola Mobility.

One notable finding in the global study of video consumption habits among 9,000 consumers in 16 markets was the rapid increase in mobile TV viewing in the past year.

Rogers Cable

Rogers Cable Inc., a subsidiary of Rogers Communications Inc., is Canada’s 2nd largest cable television service provider with 2.3 million basic cable subscribers with almost three-quarters being of them also subscribing to digital cable.

The company, which offers cable service to 3.66 million homes in Southern Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador, competes with satellite services Bell Satellite TV and Shaw Direct.

More than one in four Canadians now own a PVR

According to a June 2011 survey BBM Canada, an estimated three out of five Canadians (60.1%) now own an HDTV, up significantly from an estimated 52.1% in June of 2010.

The ratings agency also found that the number of homes that own a PVR is up 34% over the same period in 2010. An estimated 27.5% of Canadians homes owned a PVR in June 2011, up from 20.5% in June 2010.