North American Playstation Network to be fully restored this week

On its Playstation blog today, Sony announced its Playstation Network and Qriocity Music Unlimited service would be fully operational in Asia, Europe and the Americas by the end of this week.

A date for complete restoration of the Playstation Network and the Music Unlimited service in Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea has still not been announced.

Sony data breach possible because of obsolete software

On April 19th, hackers broke into Sony servers and stole the personal information of more than 100 million customers which some industry analysts are saying is the largest data theft ever.

German magazine Computer Bild today has published a damning critique of Sony which highlights how Sony servers were running obsolete programs and web services whose vulnerabilities have been known for years.

Sony says PlayStation Network will be fully operational by May 31st

A report by Bloomberg today is quoting Shigenori Yoshida, a Tokyo-based spokesman for Sony, as saying the PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services will be fully functional by May 31st.

In a press conference on May 1st Sony said it would begin a phased restoration by region of PlayStation Network and Qriocity services beginning last week but did not say when the system would be fully restored.

Sony admits hackers stole subscribers personal information

After six days of near silence, Sony admitted today that its Playstation Online Network was the victim of hackers and that much and perhaps all of its account holders personal information had been stolen.

On the Sony Playstation blog, the company admitted that between April 17th and April 19th, its user account information was compromised.

Playstation outage now into its 5th day

Last Wednesday April 20th, Sony abruptly shut down its Playstation Network and Qriocity services leaving more than 75 million customers people without access to either service.

On Thursday, the company said they were investigating the network outage and expected to have everything back up and running within a day. On Friday, the company admitted the online services had been hacked and would remain shut down.

Playstation 3 firmware 3.4 now out

Sony this week released the latest firmware for the Sony Playstation 3 video game console.

PlayStation Network Service Restored

At 12:01am March 2nd GMT (7:00pm ET), PS3 users were once again able to play games on the PlayStation Network.

The problem was that older PS 3 units thought that 2010 was leap year so when the clock struck midnight GMT on March 1st, the older units thought the date was February 29th, 2010, a non-existent date.

Sony says PlayStation 3 problems fixed by tomorrow

On the official Playstation Blog today, Patrick Seybold the Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media at Sony has announced the company expects to have the Sony Playstation network working properly again by tomorrow.

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