4 Top Smart Air Conditioners

Smart air conditioning allows you to save money while cooling your home to your exact specifications, from anywhere in the world.

Kick Back and Watch: The Best Big TVs of 2017

Whether you’re watching the game or binging on Netflix, a TV with the best reviews is what you want. Big screens are where it’s at. The bigger the better. March is a great time to upgrade, what with spring cleaning taking place, (out with the old, in with the new), and tax refunds on the […]

Samsung 4K HDR TVs, LG 4K HDR Monitors and Blackberry Phones Coming in 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show is coming to Las Vegas in the first week of January, and here are some highlights.

The LG V20 Smartphone is Here

LG’s new smartphone, the V20 is being released.

Canadians First in the World With Access to the New LG X Power Smartphone

LG’s new LG X Power smartphone is now available for purchase in Canada.

LG’S First Modular Smartphone is Coming to Canada this April

The LG G5 smartphone is coming to Canada this April.

Nexus 5X Phone Now Available in Canada

The Nexus 5X mobile phone is now available in Canada.

LG Debuts Paper-Thin, Stick-to-the-Wall OLED TV

LG yesterday unveiled a new paper-thin and incredibly light OLED display TV prototype. Could this represent the next great leap in TV technology? The OLED panel is a good size at 55-inches, but the most surprising thing is that it’s only 0.97mm thick and weighs just 4.2 pounds. Did we mention that it’s also essentially […]

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