Most Canadians unaware that internet gambling is illegal

Internet gambling is for the most part, illegal in both the United States and Canada yet a January Ipsos Reid survey has found that only 23% of Canadian respondents know Internet gambling is illegal in this country.

In the U.S., 37% of respondents to the survey were aware that Internet gambling was illegal.

Online Canadians spend more time on Internet than watching TV

The average online Canadian spends 18.1 hours per week online versus 16.9 hours watching television according to the results of a recent survey by Ipsos Reid.

The firm’s findings were based on an internet only survey of 839 adult Canadians who were part of an Ipsos online panel.

Canadian Internet landscape continues to evolve

For the past fifteen years, Ipsos Reid has been monitoring the Canadian Internet user on a monthly basis and this week the firm reported on some the biggest changes since 1995.

Researchers say the biggest differences between 1995 and the present is the percentage of Canadians who have access to the internet from their home and how people are accessing the internet.

Canadians becoming less concerned with online security

A new study released by Ipsos Reid examining Online Privacy and Security has found that 34% of online Canadians are ‘very concerned’ with their Online Security, a decline of 13% from 2003.

However, those online Canadians who state that they are ‘somewhat concerned’ increased by 11%. The overall level of concern (80%) remains consistent with 2003.

Four out of five Canadian have internet access at home

A telephone survey conducted by Ipsos Reid has found that over four in five Canadians (82%) now have Internet access at home.

The researchers say this represents a 6% increase from the second quarter of 2008 and a 4% increase from six months earlier.