Netflix users watched 2 billion hours of video in last quarter

California based Netflix said today that its subscribers watched more than two billion hours of video in the final quarter of 2011.

With more than 20 million customers, it means the average Netflix customer viewed close to 100 hours of video in the quarter or about one hour per day.

Netflix enters multiyear Pay TV deal with DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation, developers of such hit animated movies as Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and Shrek, has announced a new multi-year agreement with internet streaming provider Netflix.

Netflix splits off DVD by mail service into Qwikster

In addition to apologizing to its customer base, Hastings announced that Netflix will be splitting up video streaming and DVD by mail businesses into two separate companies.

Going forward, Netflix will rename its DVD by mail service to “Qwikster” and its video streaming business will continue to be known as Netflix.

YouTube launches movie rental service in Canada

In a post on the official YouTube blog, Google today announced that Canadians will now be able to rent over a thousand full-length movies from the site.

Pricing for movies, which are DVD (480i) quality, starts at $2.99 for older films with new releases priced at $4.99. No high definition (HD) rentals yet.

Netflix creates section “Just for Kids”

In a nod towards the attracting more users with young children, California based Netflix has announced the introduction of new “Just for Kids” section on the Netflix website.

The creation of the kid friendly section was in in recognition that almost half of the 25 million Netflix members in the United States and Canada have instantly watched at least two movies or shows made for kids in the last 90 days.

Netflix Canada tops one million Canadian customers

California based Netflix announced last week that its online video subscription service now has over one million subscribers in Canada.

The popular service, lets English speaking customers stream a broad array of movies and TV episodes to their home computer or Netflix enabled consumer electronic devices for $7.99 per month. A French version of the service is still in the works.

NHL Vault now available on select Sony HDTVs

Sony Canada said today that NHL Vault is now available in Canada on select Sony Internet enabled HDTVs, Blu-Ray Disc Players and Home Theatre Systems.

For $4.95 CAD per monthly subscription, NHL Vault allows hockey fans to watch 800 historic hockey games dating back the 1960s.

Zip and Samsung announce Canadian movie streaming deal

Samsung Canada and have announced a deal which would allow Zip to offer its upcoming video streaming to owners of Samsung’s line of internet connected Televisions, Blu-ray players and Home Theatre products.

Similar to the Netflix apps found on many Internet enabled television, Zip users could download a Zip application or widget to their Samsung device and be streaming movies and tv shows from Zip

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