Industry Canada puts moratorium on the use of television channel 51

In a letter to the CRTC last month, Industry Canada says it has put a moratorium on the use of television channel 51, the current upper limit of the broadcast spectrum band.

The Canadian move follows similar actions by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last August.

Rogers starts public lobbying campaign for next year’s wireless auction

Calling federal government regulations misguided, Rogers Communications has launched a public lobbying effort advocating for what it calls a “fair and open auction” of the 700Mhz radio spectrum band Ottawa has slated for sale next year.

Rogers who, combined with Bell and Telus Mobility, has almost 94% of the wireless market, want its more than nine million mobile customers to lobby the government in order to stop the government from “setting aside” spectrum in next year’s wireless auction.

Feds shut down Pirate radio station for third time

In a case of Déjà Vu all over again, Industry Canada and the RCMP are reported to be trying to shut down a pirate radio station which has been operating in Ottawa since October.

The Ottawa Sun is reporting that just before noon today, federal officials were outside the Saade International Hotel where the station originates attempting to shut it down.

Industry Canada fails to shutdown Pirate Radio Station

In early December, Digital Home broke the story of a 14 year old Ottawa teen that was operating a pirate radio station from inside his father’s strip club. Since that time, Industry Canada’s repeated attempts to shutdown the station have failed.

Although many will consider the operation of an illegal radio station as nothing more than a youthful act of rebellion, the reality is that operating an unlicensed radio station can be dangerous since it can possibly jam communications at surrounding airports, interfere with commercial radio signals, and even emit dangerous radiation to individuals near the transmitter.

Feds shut down Pirate radio station again

A 14 year old teenager, who has been operating a pirate radio station in Ottawa since October, has had his station shutdown by Industry Canada.

The teen, whose studio was located inside his father’s strip club on Bank Street, north of Greely in Ottawa was taken off the air just after midnight this morning.

Feds gut CRTC decision to disallow Globalive

In a telecom decision handed down in late October, the CRTC ruled that Globalive Wireless Management (Globalive) could not operate a national wireless phone company in this country because the company was not Canadian controlled.

Today, Industry Canada Minister Tony Clement said the federal government has overturned the decision saying that 80% per cent of Globalive’s voting shares are controlled by Canadians therefore the company could offer its Wind Mobile service in this country.

Pirate Radio operator thumbs nose at Industry Canada

Yesterday Digital Home broke the story of a 13 year old boy whose pirate radio station in Ottawa was shut down by Industry Canada.

Despite a cease and desist order from the feds on Tuesday, Jayhaed Saadé, and his father George Saadé simply waited a few hours and began broadcasting again on Wednesday afternoon.

Feds shut down Pirate radio station operated by 13 year old

Industry Canada this week shut down a pirate radio station that had been operating in Ottawa for most of October and November.

The station, which operated on the FM dial at the 91.9 frequency, was operated by a thirteen year old teenager whose father was once a mayoral candidate in Ottawa.