Bell adds four HD movie channels to its Fibe and Satellite TV line-ups

Bell announced this week it has added the Hollywood Suite of high definition (HD) movie channels to its Bell Fibe TV and Bell Satellite channel line-up.

Sasktel adds Hollywood Suite to its IPTV line-up

Almost a month after it was originally supposed to be launched, IPTV provider Sasktel has added the Hollywood Suite of high definition (HD) movie channels to its line-up with a free preview.

Sasktel TV subscribers will be able to watch: Warner Films and MGM Channel which air movies from the respective studios libraries; Hollywood Storm which will air action and adventure films; and Hollywood Festival which will air independent and major studio romance and relationship films.

MTS TV rolls out new channels and line-up

MTS TV today began rolling out a large number of changes to its television line-up including the addtion of over 25 new channels, 18 of which are in high definition.

The IPTV television provider is also offering free previews for Sports TV Americas, the Miracle Channel, Tumble Books, Games 4TV and Hollywood Suite.

Hollywood Suite HD Movie Channels launch November 20th

Toronto based Hollywood Suite tweeted this week that it will launch its four new high definition (HD) movie channels in Canada beginning November 20th at noon ET on Eastlink, MTS, Sasktel and Telus.

The company has so far been unable to secure carriage on Canada’s four major cable companies (Rogers, Shaw, Cogeco or Videotron) or the nation’s two direct to home satellite services (Bell Satellite and Shaw Direct) which will severely limit the number of Canadians with access to the new channels.

Hollywood suite bringing four new HD movie channels to Canada

Hollywood Suite, a privately owned Toronto based company headed by former Chum CEO Jay Switzer, announced today that it would launch four new high-definition movie channels across Canada this November.

The digital specialty channels will air HD Movies uncut, unedited and commercial free throughout the week.