Bell TV to replace 240,000 HD satellite receivers

In a national bulletin to dealers, Bell Satellite TV has announced that, beginning later this month, it will be replace all of the MPEG-2 satellite receivers currently in use with MPEG 4 receivers.

Once the swap is complete, it will allow Bell to make the migration to MPEG-4, which offers greater video compression than MPEG-2.

Interview: Shaw Direct says recent firmware update a success

At the beginning of September, Shaw Direct introduced new firmware for the company’s flagship HD (model HDDSR 605) and HD PVR (model HDPVR 630) satellite receivers.

Since that time, the Digital Home forum has been flooded with complaints from HDDSR 605 and HDPVR 630 owners who say the new firmware has significantly slowed down the speed of the user interface, spontaneous resets, lost recordings, and missed recordings.

Rogers Cable delivers firmware update for 8300 HD PVR

Without any fanfare, Rogers Cable in Ontario this week began rolling out new firmware for the company’s popular 8300 dual tuner HD PVR.

Firmware SARA began rolling out on Tuesday and should be available to all 8300 HD owners in coming days.

One in five Canadians own a PVR

According to a July 2010 survey conducted on behalf of the Television Bureau of Canada, 64 percent of Canadians subscribe to digital television (DTV) and 38 percent of DTV subscribers own a personal video recorder (PVR). Among all Canadian adults, approximately one in five (20%) now own a PVR.

The survey, which polled 1,000 people, also found that five out of six (86%) of PVR owners used the devices to record and view programs at a later time or date.

Upgrade your Rogers 8642 HD PVR

Although it was only “officially” launched today, Digital Home readers disappointed with the small hard drives contained in Rogers new 8642 HD PVR have already begunn replacing their tiny 160GB internal drives with more massive 1TB drives.

The hard drive swap, which could void your warranty, has enabled Digital Home users record a far more robust 150 or 160 hours of HD programming versus just 25 hours of HD programming provided the the $500 160GB version of the 8642.

Rogers 8642 HD PVR officially announced

Rogers Communications has announced that its latest high definition personal video recorder (HD PVR) is now available across Ontario.

The Rogers 8642 HD PVR, which Digital Home first told its readers about in early March, first went on sale six weeks ago but was only officially announced today, presumably after stocks of the older 8300HD PVR which it replaces were drawn down.

Bell expected to announce 9252 HD PVR

Digital Home has been informed that Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite television provider Bell TV is expected to announce a new high definition personal video recorder in coming months.

The news has not been officially confirmed, however, Bell TV dealers who have been briefed on the new satellite set top box tell Digital Home it will be branded the model 9252 HD PVR.

Shaw Cable updates firmware for Pace HD PVRs

Without fanfare, Shaw Cable this morning began rolling out new firmware for the company’s Pace Whistler and Tahoe high definition personal video recorders (HD PVR).

The new firmware is loaded in the background onto customers HD PVRs and once the download is complete the device will automatically reboot and load the new software.

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