Google is Going to Stop Scanning Your Email for Ads: What to Know

Gmail is getting ready to stop scanning your email for advertising opportunities, later this year.

The Pros, Cons and Creepiness of Google Maps’ New Location Sharing

All about Google Maps location sharing.

All About Google and Levi’s Connected Smart Jacket

Love your phone but wish your jacket was connected to the world as well? Levi’s has heard your requests and has the product you’re looking for coming soon. Levi’s has partnered with Google to develop a smart jacket that will hit the rack this coming fall. It’s made of denim and is building on the […]

How Immigrants Brought Us the iPhone, the Self-Driving Car and More

What’s immigration good for? Many things, including bringing in a lot of talent. Donald Trump’s travel ban has left people in a lurch and desperate, worldwide. The executive order bars citizens coming from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan and Libya from entering the United States for the next 90 days, and has immediately prevented […]

Find Out About Google’s New Phones, Pixel and Pixel XL, Here

Google’s new phone mobile, Pixel, is now available.

Google Activates Person Finder in Japanese and Spanish, and Provides Free Tools for Loved Ones to Connect in and Outside of Earthquake Disaster Zones

Google is offering a variety of free tools to help those affected by recent earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador to connect.

Check Out Google’s 3D Painting Tool, Tilt Brush

Google’s 3D painting tool allows users to paint in virtual reality.

Google Launches New Tablet With a Keyboard: Pixel C

Google has launched their new tablet, the Pixle C.

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