HDTV Primer: What you need to watch HD Programming

Over the last five years, the most discussed topic in Digital Home’s Digital Forum has been high definition television (HDTV). In reviewing the thousands of questions we have received about HD technology, it’s clear to us that the consumer electronics industry has done a lousy job in educating Canadians about this wonderful technology.

For example, a common misperception among Canadian consumers is that all you need to watch television programming in HD is to buy an HDTV. In this article, Digital Home explains briefly what HDTV is and the three things you’ll need if you really want to watch HD broadcasts on it.

Make your PayPal account more secure

Did you know that PayPal has more than 8 million registered accounts in Canada and that Canadians purchase more than $2 billion online annually through PayPal?

If you are a regular PayPal user but are concerned about the integrity of your account, then you may want to consider an extra layer of protection by using something called the PayPal security key.

Is Dynamic Contrast Ratio meaningful?

Everyday thousands of people visit the Digital Forum looking for information about High definition television (HDTV) and every day we try and help our readers out by answering their frequently asked questions.

In this HDTV FAQ article we answer the question – Is Dynamic Contrast Ratio meaningful?