Interest in 3DTV rises in in Europe and China, falls in North America

Interest in stereoscopic 3DTV appears is rising in Europe and China while it appears to be waning in North America according to a recent report from DisplaySearch.

“We were surprised to find that 3D appears to be a far more popular feature in China than North America, and the penetration rate was two times higher in the last quarter,” said DisplaySearch ‘s TV Research Director Paul Gray.

China expected to have 30 million HD subscribers by end of 2012

Cogo Group, an embedded solutions and software provider for the technology and industrial sectors in China, said today there are now over two million HD subscribers in China.

The company says a combination of strong consumer demand and aggressive roll-out schedules are helping to fuel this growth and based on current projections, Cogo expects HDTV subscribers in China to 6 million by the end of 2010.

Google moving search out of China

On its official blog, Google announced today that that it will stop censoring search services on, its Chinese search site.

Chinese users now visiting are now being redirected to, where the company will serve up uncensored search results in simplified Chinese from their servers in Hong Kong.