Rejoice: CBS All Access Streaming TV is Coming to Canada in 2018

CBS All Access streaming TV is coming to Canada in 2018.

NFL kicks off 2011-12 season on NBC

The 92nd regular season of the National Football League begins tonight on NBC with the New Orleans Saints traveling to Lambeau Field, the home of the Super Bowl XLV champion Green Bay Packers. The last regular season game will be held on Sunday, January 1, 2012.

CBS Network: A Video Pirates best friend?

In this YouTube video, Alki David delivers a stunning attack on CBS Corporation for playing both sides on the piracy front. David tells viewers how the CNET website, a subsidiary of CBS, is distributing illegal file sharing software, as well as DRM cracking software.

TV Networks audience greying faster than population

The median age, the age at which half its audience was younger and half older for viewers of the big four U.S. Television Networks is now 51, according to a report by veteran media analyst Steve Sternberg.

The report says the median age has climbed at twice the rate of the general U.S. population over the last twenty years.

Will I be able to see the Super Bowl with U.S. commercials?

In the weeks before the Super Bowl every year, Digital Home is deluged with readers asking whether they will be able to watch the big game with U.S. commercials.

Unfortunately, thanks to the CRTC mandated practice of signal substitution or sim-subbing, the vast majority of Canadian cable and satellite television subscribers will only see Canadian commercials.

Saints-Vikings thriller draws record television audiences

The NFC Championship Game on Sunday night game between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings was the most watched NFL playoff game ever (excluding the Super Bowl) in Canada.

The CBS broadcast, which was simulcast on CTV in Canada, attracted an average of 2.6 million viewers.

As the World Turns to end on CBS after 54 years

As The World Turns, the long-running daytime soap opera, will complete its final season on the CBS Television Network in September 2010. CBS has decided not to renew the show for the 2010/2011 broadcast season, thereby ending its 54-year run on the Network.

Created by Irna Phillips, As The World Turns premiered on April 2, 1956 as a 30-minute live television show, unprecedented at the time for a soap opera.