Canadian Media Giants Team Up on Digital Advertising

Three Canadian media heavyweights have joined forces to create their own online digital advertising platform. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Rogers Media and Shaw Media will be forming the Canadian Premium Audience Exchange (CPAX) to provide potential clients a private real-time bidding platform for digital advertising inventory. Scheduled to launch May 16, CPAX will offer […]

Show asks if we are programmed to be fat?

The obesity epidemic is nothing new, but controversial new science is looking beyond the obvious reason of increased caloric consumption.

Next week, in a show entitled “Programmed to be Fat?” the CBC’s Nature of Things with David Suzuki examines the link between endocrine-disrupting chemicals and obesity.

TV Top 10: What Canadians Watched on Television in 2011

Recently released ratings data from the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement (BBM) Canada provides a snapshot of what Canadians were watching on television over the past 12 months, and Canada’s national pastime ranks at the top.

CBC argues eliminating ads would be bad public policy

A new twenty-seven page paper from the CBC entitled “Why Advertising on CBC/RadioCanada is Good Public Policy,” argues that advertising does not detract from the public broadcaster’s mandate and that there is no good public policy reason to eliminate advertising from its television services.

Currently CBC/Radio-Canada’s ad revenues are just under $368 million in a total Canadian television advertising market of approximately $3.3 billion.

CBC HD working again in Atlantic Canada

On September 1st, the day after the transition from analog to digital over-the-air (OTA) signals in Canada, Digital Home readers in Atlantic Canada began complaining that their local CBC high definition channel had stopped broadcasting in HD.

Now after seven weeks, Digital Home has learned the high defintion signal back on air, much to the relief of Hockey Night in Canada fans.

CBC Radio draws more than 6.1 million listeners a week

Listenership was up in September CBC Radio across Canada, with particularly strong showings in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, and for the network overall, according to PPM results.

CBC Radio One captured a 9.2 share, its highest since November 2009, while CBC Radio 2 captured a 2.5 share in the five PPM markets.

Fifth Estate examines Canada’s maritime search and rescue capabilities

This Friday, Sept. 30, at 9 p.m. ET, the fifth estate’s Linden MacIntyre presents Mayday, a detailed look at the questionable state of Canada’s maritime search and rescue capabilities. The show recounts the memories of those who have survived brushes with death, and the stories of those who perished in the frigid waters, waiting for rescue. There are also new details about the tragedy of the Melina and Keith II, on which four men perished in 2005.

CBC to launch radio stations in London and Kitchener in 2012

CBC announced today it will introduce new radio stations and internet services for the London area and the Kitchener-Waterloo region beginning in the fall of 2012. Earlier this year, the public broadcaster announced new stations in Kelowna, Kamloops and Victoria.

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