Primus Survey Shows Canadians Still Clinging to Landline Phones

Are you curious about how many Canadians are still using landline telephones? Primus Canada was. The telecommunications provider worked with research firm Angus Reid and polled 1,516 people across Canada to find: 83 percent of Canadians have an active home phone line. Despite the smartphone craze, many Canadians choose to maintain a home phone line […]

Is Roger Communications hypocritical when it comes to supporting Canadian culture?

The purpose of Bill C-103 was to stop the popular American magazine Sports Illustrated from producing a “split-run” magazine which would carry the same content in Canada and the United States but would contain U.S. ads for magazines distributed in the U.S. and Canadian ads distributed in Canada.

Bill C-103, was introduced after vociferous lobbying by the Canadian Magazine industry who claimed split-run magazines would siphon off lucrative advertising revenue and destroy the Canadian magazine industry. One of the most vocal lobbyists and, not surprisingly, the greatest beneficiaries of Bill C-103 was Rogers Communications. Rogers was and remains to this day, Canada’s largest magazine publisher therefore it had the most to gain by banning the practice of split-run magazines.