CIRA’s Canadian Internet Forum Strives to Educate Canadians

Internet enthusiasts throughout Canada are heading to Ottawa to participate in the annual Canadian Internet Forum (CIF) on February 28. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority, (CIRA) is ready to help in promoting insightful and provocative discussion on the issues that impact the safe and fair use of the Internet. If you’re not attending the free […]

What would Canadians sacrifice for the Internet?

What things in your life would you give up to keep your Internet connection? Would you say goodbye to alcohol? Coffee? Chocolate, perhaps? The Rogers Innovation Report released on May 9th indicates that 34 percent of online survey participants would sacrifice booze, 31 percent would give up chocolate and about 27 percent might dump coffee […]

What are the big digital trends in Canada for 2012?

There are always interesting trends developing in Canada as far as Web use goes, as usual. The annual comScore 2012 Canada Digital Future, released on March 1st,  shows that smartphones now account for 45 percent of the mobile market in Canada. What province enjoys the most smartphone use? If you were thinking Ontario, that’s not […]