Rotel RSP-1572 A/V Pre Pro announced

Rotel this week announced RSP-1572, a 7.1-channel audio-video new surround preamplifier / processor.

The RSP-1572 provides surround decoding and processing with outputs of up to 7.1-channel configurations, via Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS HD Master Audio and more. Video signals are handled by the latest generation of Faroudja DCDi Cinema video processing technologies available.

Onkyo announces NR3009 and NR5009 flagship A/V receivers

Onkyo today announced its new flagship 9.2 channel A/V home theatre receivers. The new models include the Onkyo TX-NR5009 and the TX-NR3009.

Both receiver models include significant upgrades from last year’s models, including the use of the latest HQV-Vida and Marvel Qdeo video processors, new DTS Neo:X dimensional surround processing, Dolby Volume, and new streaming internet radio channels.

Essential iPad Apps for the Home Theatre Enthusiast

Due to the overwhelming number of new iOS apps being released on a daily basis, it is difficult to keep up with all the new releases so the following is an overview of my favourite home theatre related apps along with some other recently released equipment specific apps which could be useful in many home theatres.

Five new Pioneer A/V Receivers coming this summer

Pioneer Canada recently announced it would be bringing five new Elite Home Theatre Receivers – models VSX-40, VSX-50, VSX-51, VSX-52 and VSX-53 – to Canada this summer.

Starting at $550 for the VSX-40, new features of the five receivers include: Marvell Qdeo video processors, network connectivity, Internet radio connectivity, and DLNA certification.

Integra adds four Network A/V Receivers to its line-up

Integra this week announced four new THX-Certified home theater receivers.

The new DTR-20.3, DTR-30.3, DTR-40.3, and DTR-50.3 feature upgraded video processors along with advanced networking and USB capabilities which will allow consumers to access music via the internet, on home computer networks, or by direct digital connection of portable devices or hard drives.

Onkyo TX-NR809 A/V Receiver adds ISF Video Calibration capabilities

Onkyo today announced the TX-NR809, a THX Select2 Plus Certified, 7.2-channel, network-capable home theater receiver which replaces last year’s TX-NR808 model.

This year’s model features a number of video upgrades including the addition of Mavell Qdeo and IDT’s HQV Vida video upscaling and processing circuits and Imaging Science Foundation’s ISF Video Calibration technology.

Latest Pioneer A/V Receivers now in store

Pioneer Electronics Canada this week announced the arrival in Canadian stores of its newest 5.1 and 7.1-channel audio video (A/V) receivers .

Onkyo updates the stereo receiver

If you’ve gone “stereo” shopping in the last few years, you’ve probably noticed that it’s pretty tough to find a “stereo” receiver as most big box retailers nowadays only sell Home Theatre A/V receivers with 5.1 or 7.1 channels of amplification that can also play in stereo.

For stereo music lovers, Onkyo has recently introduced the TX-8050 network stereo receiver which can connect to a wide range of modern and vintage music sources.

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