Bitdefender releases anti-virus software for OS X

BitDefender, makers of security software for Windows computers, today announced the release of anti-virus software for Mac OS X users.

Similar to its Window’s products, BitDefender Antivirus for Mac has been developed to secure Mac computer systems from viruses and other malware threats.

Consumers continue to click on spam despite the risks

A significant percentage of consumers in North America and Europe continue to click on spam emails despite the fact they know that bots and viruses spread through risky email behavior, according to a survey by the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG).

About half of the users who responded to the survey said they had either opened spam, clicked on a link in spam, opened a spam attachment, replied or forwarded it. All of these activities could conceivably leave them vulnerable to fraud, phishing, identity theft and infection.

Free anti-virus software gets an update

AVG Technologies today announced the commercial version 9.0 of its popular anti-virus software is now available to consumers. The company’s free offering, AVG 9.0 will be available later this month.

The developers promise the new version will be considerably faster, offer improved scanning performance, offer improved ease of use, and improved phishing protection.

Microsoft releases free security software

Microsoft has released the first version of its free Microsoft Security Essentials security software for computers running on the Windows operating system.