Rogers Cable

Rogers Cable Inc., a subsidiary of Rogers Communications Inc., is Canada’s 2nd largest cable television service provider with 2.3 million basic cable subscribers with almost three-quarters being of them also subscribing to digital cable.

The company, which offers cable service to 3.66 million homes in Southern Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador, competes with satellite services Bell Satellite TV and Shaw Direct.

Upgrade your Rogers 8642 HD PVR

Although it was only “officially” launched today, Digital Home readers disappointed with the small hard drives contained in Rogers new 8642 HD PVR have already begunn replacing their tiny 160GB internal drives with more massive 1TB drives.

The hard drive swap, which could void your warranty, has enabled Digital Home users record a far more robust 150 or 160 hours of HD programming versus just 25 hours of HD programming provided the the $500 160GB version of the 8642.

Rogers 8642 HD PVR officially announced

Rogers Communications has announced that its latest high definition personal video recorder (HD PVR) is now available across Ontario.

The Rogers 8642 HD PVR, which Digital Home first told its readers about in early March, first went on sale six weeks ago but was only officially announced today, presumably after stocks of the older 8300HD PVR which it replaces were drawn down.

New Whole home HD PVR now available from Rogers

Without any fanfare or public pronouncements, Rogers Cable this past week began selling the Cisco 8642 Whole Home high definition personal video recorder (HD-PVR) which should replace its aging 8300HD PVR.

Although roll-out plans for the new HD PVR have not been announced by Rogers, Digital Home believes the company will not formally announce the new set top box until it has cleared out its inventory of older PVRs.