CES 2014 – Samsung unveils new curved Ultra HDTVs

In a move to expand their curved Ultra HD line, Samsung revealed its latest additions in the race for the biggest and most advanced HDTV’s along with plans for streaming of 4K video in the works. In a special presentation at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, the manufacturer unveiled its U9000 series of curved 4K […]

Sharp Canada announces its 2012 line-up of LED TVs

Sharp Canada this week announced its new 2012 Consumer Electronics line-up of nearly 20 large screen 60-inch plus TVs including the companies first 80 inch 3D LED TV.

The 2012 LCD TV line-up consists of five different series – the Aquos 5/6/7/8 and 9 – in sizes ranging from 60 to 80 inches in size. Sharp says all of the televisions will meet or exceed Energy Star version 5.3 standards meaning they will draw a relatively small amount of power for their screen sizes.

Interest in 3DTV rises in in Europe and China, falls in North America

Interest in stereoscopic 3DTV appears is rising in Europe and China while it appears to be waning in North America according to a recent report from DisplaySearch.

“We were surprised to find that 3D appears to be a far more popular feature in China than North America, and the penetration rate was two times higher in the last quarter,” said DisplaySearch ‘s TV Research Director Paul Gray.

DXG’s 3D camcorder now on sale for $300

California based DXG The Digital Camera Company last week announced that its low cost DXG-5F9V 1080p 3D camcorder is now on sale in North America for $300 U.S.

Eastlink offering 3D VOD content beginning in October

Eastlink cable said this week it will be offering Active 3D movies on its Video on Demand (VOD) service beginning in October.

Active 3D, also known as Alternate-frame sequencing 3D, is the term used to describe the method used by broadcasters to present stereoscopic 3D images.

Sharp resurrects Elite brand for LED Televisions

Sharp and Pioneer are bringing back an iconic name in television by introducing Elite LED LCD TVs. Sharp has owned a 14% stake in Pioneer since 2007.

The new line of HDTVs is the first under the Elite brand name since Pioneer stepped making Elite Plasmas in 2009. The sets were developed by a team of engineers from both companies in order to deliver what Sharp says will be the new benchmark for black-level performance and picture clarity since the demise of the Elite Kuro plasma line.

New Toshiba laptop delivers 3D without the glasses

Toshiba announced today that its Qosmio F750 laptop which lets users view 3D content without the need for 3D glasses is now available in Canada.

Features of the new laptop include an Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia 3D graphics, 750 GB Hard drive, 8GB of RAM, Harmon Kardon stereo speakers, USB 3.0 connectivity and a Blu-ray drive.

Rogers Cable now offering 3D Movies on demand

Rogers Cable has announced that, starting today, it will offering 3D movies on its video on demand service.

Rogers digital cable customers who have a high definition cable set top box, 3DTV television and active 3D glasses will be able to order 3D movies through the Rogers Video on demand portal on channel 100 for $7.99.

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