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HwyRogue 2008-12-30 01:41 PM

Who is the best cell provider and why?
I'm with SaskTel right now but am seriously considering getting away from them (Rogers BB Curve = $0, SaskTel wants $99 and they're not interested in reducing theirs - when I said Rogers had them on for $0 they suggested that I switch my for me, they can kiss my accounts good-bye).

So - who is the best national provider? Best bang for the buck in terms of talk & data plans. (there is no Poll feature, else I'd have done that)


PhotoJim 2008-12-30 03:47 PM

That's such a difficult question to answer. I think Rogers' plans are among the best ones out there right now. However, every provider seems to have little niches where they shine.

Additionally, in Saskatchewan, SaskTel's coverage footprint is significantly larger than Rogers'. Rogers' isn't bad - it covers all the cities (except Humboldt), and the major highways between them - but it could be better. For example, Waskesiu has no coverage.

I use Rogers and my solution to the coverage issue was to get a prepaid phone on Virgin Mobile to use when I'm outside the coverage area (which is, admittedly, infrequent).

Look carefully at the coverage map. Ask friends who use Rogers. Look carefully at the plans and make sure they make sense for you.

Rogers' big advantage is flexibility in hardware (since they are a GSM provider you can use any compatible phone you like, as long as it's unlocked or locked to Rogers). SaskTel's big advantage here is their service area.

Leaf Fan 2008-12-30 04:42 PM

Fido because I have a new 16GB i-phone for $140 after cashing in my Fido bucks, on a $45/month unlimited calling plan...
The plan is no longer offered, so my view would definately change if I wasn't paying so little, for so much airtime.

outinthornhill 2008-12-31 01:29 PM

PhotoJim is right - there is no real answer to such a question. Are we talking about pre-paid or post-paid plans? Where will the phone be used most and what is the coverage like from the various companies in that locale (folks in NL will tell you there is no service outside St John's, so Leaf Fan would be out-of-luck with his fido iPhone should be travel to the Rock or leave the major cities most places outside southern Ontario)? There is generally not a lot to choose between the 3 majors when it comes to pricing but, being a big-city resident in Ontario, I have no idea how Sask Tel, Manitoba Tel or some other regional carriers compare.

In Ontario, what you pay can be a factor of how long you have been with the company and how well you have bargained. As a 10-year or so Telus/Clearnet customer I get a lot of freebies on a family plan that results in it being about 25% less expensive than anything Rogers advertises, but I know Rogers treats its long-term customers well too. I've also had a Rogers pay-as-u-go phone during my contract with Telus (needed a second phone & number temporarily) and can say customer service at both is good to very good, with a slight edge to Telus.

Good luck making the right choice on the Prairies.

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