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profets 2008-08-19 08:40 AM


Except that with a WM/Palm device and and unlimited data package, you could install a program like this:

and have tethering capability without being charged extra. $7 for unlimited data with an HTC Touch is a lot better than $30 for 6 GB with an iPhone.

PDANet is a voilation of the TOS and could result in a user's service being terminated so it falls in the "use at your own risk" category.
The $30 data plan is not just for iphone, it is BB/WM as well...whether rogers,telus or bell.
bell & telus do not allow tethering. with rogers its true data that can be used anyway you want. i can tether with my iphone or tytn. or i can take out my sim card and throw it into a pc card to use directly on a laptop.

saying that $7 for UL browsing on a touch is better than $30/6gig for iphone is your opinion. my opinion is the opposite, as i could do much more with $30/6gig.
anyway, if i was all hung up on wanting $7 on device browsing, i could have picked up an N95 instead.

Deckster 2008-08-19 09:06 AM

If you bothered to look at the software I was refering to, it masks the data usage so that you can tether without the carrier knowing you tethered.

I guess you're right though, it is my personal opinion that spending $7/mth on unlimited data is better than spending $30/mth for the same thing.

profets 2008-08-19 09:16 AM

sorry, my bad then. though its not officially supported and you are taking somewhat of a risk.
obviously the $7 data is a good option, though its only for regular phones & the touch. i could say the same thing with rogers, they have it for regular cell phones & on the N95.

anyway, i'm not putting down the touch/$7. i think its a great deal, and definitely a nice phone. i'[ve been playing with one & using tomtom with the internal gps since the 6.1 update came around. but its not the phone i'd want to be using every day.. i really feel that the first choice should be the phone you want to use, if not it should be a combination of phone & data that is available

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