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ASA 2008-08-08 01:35 AM


Not a very positive review.
Lets see how it works in Canada when if finally gets here.

nobsplease 2008-08-11 02:05 PM

Teething Pains?
Walked into a Bell store a little while ago to play around with the Instinct. I had an impatient ten year old in tow so I didn't get to do an in-depth fiddle but it seemed a tad underwhelming. They've had the phones in since Thursday but internet still not enabled so no web and no GPS. HUH??
Also, the swiping/dragging will need some getting used to as it seemed relatively insensitive. I hope that function is adjustible. The qwerty pad seemed very good; I've been using a Samsung A570 for the last three years so texting on this phone is a huge upgrade.
I want to love this new phone. I've had Samsung phones for my last two contracts (over 6 years) and I'm mightily impressed by the build quality. No phone problems. Not One.

biggar 2008-08-11 04:42 PM

I have lost interest in the Instinct already. This phone seems far too rudimentary a product to spend money on it. I will happily pay the premium for an iPhone given the Instinct's failures. My iPod Touch screen had no scratches on it after a year of chucking it in my bad, sticking it in my pocket etc. What's with this company anyway, no WiFi and no desktop sync., and a nasty browser - what a joke! The iPhone knocks the stuffing out of the instinct with its ability to hang out and play chess, solitaire, tetris or mah jong or listen to the radio with the new radio App.

Also, do not forget that the government just said that Bell can go ahead with their usurious text messaging charges.

yronnen 2008-08-12 10:34 AM

According to Bell this plan is for surfing only. If you want to download a file, you'll pay additional charges.

Deckster 2008-08-12 06:54 PM

^^^That is false

TKG26 2008-08-12 06:57 PM

Data is data be it surfing or downloading a file. its under the unlimited contract.

Veee 2008-08-14 12:23 PM

is this true?


Once you turn on the Samsung Instinct, it’s a different story as many of the features included with the phone are locked until you pay a set of monthly subscription fees. That’s $8 per month extra to your phone bill if you wish to use Windows Live Instant Messenger or e-mail (Hotmail), another $8 per month to unlock the GPS navigation, $8 monthly again for Live TV and again for video clips, and once again for satellite radio. The 226 “free” songs included on the memory card are also locked and cannot be played or used until you sign up for a $15 monthly music store subscription.

smm4166 2008-08-14 03:54 PM

Yes, it's all true. While it's a cool phone, I was disappointed with all the things you couldn't do with the phone without additional charges. $8/mo to access hotmail?! Pay-per-use GPS?!

Almost every cool feature button you press comes up with a 'You did not subscribe to this service' message. Unless you shell out some serious money, it's just an expensive phone with poor browsing capabilities and limited battery life.

When I called Bell to complain that the phone was misrepresented, I was told that I should have gone with Rogers if I wanted those types of features for free. What do they care now, they have me locked into a contract.

TKG26 2008-08-14 10:56 PM

WOW thats bad news. So this thing is basically a pimped cell phone then.... Not much point to it.. I think they are really screwing you over. That phone is just like the iphone and requires an unlimited data plan..... Hopefully Telus does a better job... But i see they list it under cell phone not smart phone.. :(

I truely think the HTC touch(i love mine) is better value. But the HTC touch diamond will be the instinct killer and really give the iphone a run for its money

RichieBoy 2008-08-17 06:54 PM

Circumvent Bell charges with Opera
I have had the $7 data plan going on three years now. My Bell guru installed Opera Mini (even though I couldn't) through Opera has a very good browser, quick simple intuitive. In three years I have never incurred any data charges above the mandatory $7 per month.

While the Instinct isn't an iPhone I still think it beats the Rogers ripoff plan on the iPhone. Remember when choosing a new phone DON'T!!! Always look at the plan first. Bell's data plan is unbeatable IMHO you just have to know how to get around the service charges same as any other company.

As the Instinct is first generation I will be closely comparing with the HT Touch as it will no doubt be a much better phone than last year's model. Be careful of getting worked over by being an early adopter. I learned my lesson with the iMac. An expensive education while great computers now there were many compromises with the first generation models so be wary of Instinct short falls by comparing directly with HTC's Touch which Bell also carries. The Instinct is a noticeably thinner screen size than the iPhone I picked up on that and have not had time to "play" with either yet.

I'll close by openly admitting I'd love nothing more than an Apple iPhone but it is always the plan the plan THE PLAN. Roger's is an outright rip-off unless they do something MUCH better in a data-plan for Christmas I will stick with Bell thank you very much you can't beat it in Canada. Text messages can be blocked on Bell by typing STOP to the sender. From my limited view of the Instinct thus far I am presently favouring the HTC Touch simply because many bugs will be repaired and hopefully better functionality will be built in.

Opera Mini does not breach your Terms of Use Agreement as far as I know consult your Bell Rep if concerned but I have had no problems and have used it extensively with my ancient Moto e815.

Try not to be an early adopter of anything if you can help it because it can really cost you. Same for any phone smart or otherwise IMO.:rolleyes:

TKG26 2008-08-17 09:36 PM

OPERA is the best!

I agree that THE PLAN should be what we are shopping for. And the PHONE should simply be an after thought. Rogers does not get this. The IPHONE is just another smartphone. nothing more or less. Yes its the ipod of phones. And everyone has to have one. But i find it insane that a phone has dictated what the PLAN should be... Im not familiar with rogers pre-iphone. But i know TELUS and it would be a huge slap in the face if telus or bell with there 7$,15$ or 30$ tru-unlimited data plans(depending on the promo) would release the iphone on a special 30$ limited data plan, just because its an iphone.

I have said it before. Its no different then HDTV subscribers. We dont pay more because we have a 80" 120hz 4080p or less cuz we run a 32"LCD 480p.

profets 2008-08-18 01:35 PM

TKG, i do agree with parts of what you say. we all know the cell phone industry isnt too competitive in canada, so we always get these crazy rates or stupid additional items such as $9 SAF or incoming text.

But i think in a way its more important to pick a phone which you would enjoy the most before trying to find a plan for it. for the most part advertised voice plans are somewhat similar between all the carriers. I've been with rogers for a while and was using an htc tytn for about a year. i upgraded to the iphone because i really enjoy the device. i didnt have to, but did add $30/6gig data. whether i used an iphone, or a smartphone of some sort (htc or something) with rogers, bell or telus, i'd be paying $30/month for data, so i dont see that as a difference between carriers. of course there is options such as touch w/$7 data or instinct (which i'd say is more of a simple multimedia phone) with $10 limited data.

profets 2008-08-18 01:41 PM


While the Instinct isn't an iPhone I still think it beats the Rogers ripoff plan on the iPhone. Remember when choosing a new phone DON'T!!! Always look at the plan first. Bell's data plan is unbeatable IMHO you just have to know how to get around the service charges same as any other company.
the rogers specific iphone plans are definitely quite brutal. but i bet almost no one signed up for those. i kept my $23 voice plan and added $30 for data. i dont understand how bells data is unbeatable. if i got a smartphone with bell it would be $30 as well, and i couldnt tether like i currently do with mine. If you are referring to the $7/$10 on device browsing for regular phones or the touch/instinct then its a different story. of course i could go pick up a simple phone through rogers or an N95 & get $7 UL on device browsing and go nuts with opera.

if anything i'd say telus' data is unbeatable when they had teh $15/UL smartphone data at the time

Deckster 2008-08-18 10:13 PM

Except that with a WM/Palm device and and unlimited data package, you could install a program like this:

and have tethering capability without being charged extra. $7 for unlimited data with an HTC Touch is a lot better than $30 for 6 GB with an iPhone.

PDANet is a voilation of the TOS and could result in a user's service being terminated so it falls in the "use at your own risk" category.

RichieBoy 2008-08-19 07:14 AM

Best I could learn for a new customer Rogers wants around $75 for you to have bragging rights to an iPhone which incidentally has been argued is not a legitimate smartphone to begin with. Be that as it may I'd much rather pay $40 at Bell for an Instinct or HTC Touch rather than beating my chest over iPhone ownership for a cool $300 surcharge a year on a data plan which is NOT unlimited data in the first place.

It all boils down to what your using your plan for I just need it to surf and watch my quotes while working out of town I have the voice because all companies mandate you purchase it. The 3G speed is also a misnomer as I don't get it out of town or even in town for that matter (yep that bad). As I mentioned earlier being an early adopter usually means you are the carrier's guinea pig with all it's shortcomings and strings attached!

Wait for Christmas that is when the best deals arrive, identify your uses for a data plan and tailor that to your area. IMHO the phone brand is the last thing on your priority list. Identify the service best for you and THEN drool to your heart's content knowing what limitations you have for model selection. All providers have good phones these days but if you cannot properly utilize what they claim you will get then why spend all that extra cash? Put it towards something else you have been waiting for.

Best plan the industry has to offer THEN once you have nailed that the selection which phone you will use is a relative walk in the park. I wouldn't touch Telus with a barge pole there policies are totally inflexible and very resistant to changing with the times. I am very happy with Bell reception, selection and speed it's all I need. If I needed a legitimate smartphone frankly the iPhone has a ways to go to catch a Blackberry. Fact is I don't so $7 clams a month for unlimited data (grandfathered) is a clutch deal for what I use the mobile web for.

If a carrier comes along with the dataplan separate from the voice plan I'd go for that in a jiff! For all the voice I need Skype would suit me fine on these new phones. Happy surfing!

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