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Sideshow 2008-06-12 06:59 PM

HD Digital Cable - Stretch SD?
I'm a new HD digital cable user and I just finally got everything hooked up. I am using a 4250 HD Explorer with videotron and have the anglo package with the HD addition. What i absolutely dispise is how there are borders on the sides of the tv squishing the picture quality on non HD channels.

I want to know if there is a way to stretch those channels so that they fit the entire 47 inch screen? I'm very disapointed with this...

My second question is, if I cannot change these channels can I simply cancel the 3$ HD subscription and use my HD box as a digital illico terminal? If I go this route is the digital picture quality all that bad on a LCD TV?

57 2008-06-12 11:42 PM

What is the make/model of your TV? Since it's an LCD, there is no reason to stretch the image, why not watch the 4:3 programming as 4:3 and watch the 16:9 as 16:9 - no distortion, best PQ. There is no "squishing", unless you've improperly set up your TV, the image is simply 4:3 on SD programming.

Please check out the following relevant posts: Black Bars Newbie Info SA STBs.

If you really want to create distortion on the image and make the picture worse by stretching it, use the # key, just to the right of the zero on the STB remote. But remember that you'll need to "unstretch" to properly watch true HD programming, otherwise you'll miss 33% of the programme. Some new TVs also allow you to stretch upconverted SD on HD channels...

Sideshow 2008-06-13 06:40 AM

Hmm.. I'll give this a try tonight, I can deal with having to change the settings back and forth seeing as I only have a handfull of HD channels.

Thanks for the info!

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