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balthazar9086 2008-05-20 05:36 PM

5.1 audio stream on 2.1 speaker system
Hello guys. First post for me, so thought I'd say hi first.

My question pertains to playing DVDs with 5.1 digital surround sound or DTS streams on my 2.1 speaker system using Cyberlink PowerDVD 8. As you might know, doing so results in VERY STRONG bass coming from the amplifier, while what is supposed to be the centre sound (voices and such) to be a lot quieter. The result: I can watch movies on my computer, yes, but the bass is so loud coming from the subwoofer (Logitech Z-2300) that I will have to either put up with the loud bass, or strain my ears to hear what the people in the movie are saying. So, is there any way to "collapse" the 5.1 sound stream or DTS stream into a 2.1 channel stream for Cyberlink powerDVD? I've tried using the internal "downmix" option in PowerDVD 8, but it didn't seem to help much. What exactly are my options here? Do I simply have to buy DVDs that also include 2-channel surround sound?

Thanks in advance!

elapsed 2008-05-20 06:56 PM

Welcome to DHC!

In PowerDVD click on Configuration (the toolset), then on the Audio tab. Here you will see a pulldown menu for Speaker Environment. Set this to two speaker. For Output mode, you have several options you can play with; Stereo, Dolby Virtual Speaker, or CyberLink Virtual Speaker.

By clicking on the Advanced button you will see additional configuration for Dolby Virtual Speaker and CyberLink Virtual Speaker. There is also a Misc tab where you can enable or disable LFE (Low Frequency Effect).

Hope this helps!

balthazar9086 2008-05-20 09:58 PM

Thank you for the reply! :)

I do have speaker environment set as 2-speakers, the output mode set to Dolby Digital Compatible Downmix, and in the advanced tab enabled the LFE option. While this has reduced the subwoofer volume by a bit, I still find it too loud most of the time.

I guess I'm asking too much from downmixing a 5.1 to a 2.1 stream, but I was sort of thinking along the lines of an external application that automatically remixes the 5.1 channel sound to 2.1 channel sound. Probably doesn't exist.

Thank you though!

elapsed 2008-05-20 10:19 PM

On the Z-2300's wired remote control you will see a main volume (the large volume knob) and on the left you will find a small subwoofer volume knob. Try turning down the bass using this volume knob

balthazar9086 2008-05-20 10:24 PM

Did that too :)

The knob is turned to min volume for the bass.

elapsed 2008-05-20 10:44 PM

Where is the subwoofer currently located in relation to you? Is it on your desk or on the floor? Is it in a corner or in an open space? What surface is it on (carpet, hardwood, etc). How far is the subwoofer from a wall?

balthazar9086 2008-05-21 12:29 AM

Thanks for the reply. The subwoofer is behind my desk and on the carpet floor, about half a meter from where I sit. It is pointed towards me through the desk's downward facing wood plate, and to its left is a diagonal wall, while on its right it is open space. I actually tried shifting its position and direction - from pointing right at the wall (which in my opinion produced the worst "booming" effect), to pointing to the desk like right now. Should I try pointing it at open space?

elapsed 2008-05-21 12:49 AM

I would keep the subwoofer at a 90 degree angle to yourself. The best position may turn out to be in the open space, and further from the wall than you currently have her positionned. Experiment!

However, speakers are very subjective. You may have found that this just isn't the right speaker system for you.

balthazar9086 2008-05-21 12:53 AM

Yup, I've got my eye on the Z-5300 or whatever its successor is called these days - I guess the best way to solve my 5.1 channel problem is simply to get a 5.1 speaker system!

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