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Nanuuk 2008-04-18 01:41 PM

Bonded DSL Ring Technology
An article in the business section of today's Calgary Herald featured a Calgary based company that has developed a new technology that Telco's are interested in that could deliver similar benefits to a FIOS system without the exorbitant capital investment needed to accomplish that. Can't post a link to the article as its a members digital copy of the paper. However, here's the link to that company's website. They claim to be able to get 400Mb/s of bandwidth.

FuzzFace 2008-04-18 02:35 PM

their website says 400Mb/s not MB

technut 2008-04-18 04:30 PM

Interesting, but keep in mind it is only 200 Mbps up and 200 Mbps down, and shared between a number of households. That's far less bandwidth than a true FIOS FTTP system. It is a closer competitor to cablevision than to FIOS.

There is a more detailed .pdf presentation here. It even mentions "Saskachewan Province Canada" (sp).

Nanuuk 2008-04-18 04:46 PM

Yes technut it is very interesting. It suggests to me that a rapid rollout of HDTV by Telco's is possible with a potential sharp market penetration by the Telco's. Previously, it seemed that a massive investment (even more than they have already invested) was necessary to truly compete with the cable and satco's.

technut 2008-04-18 04:57 PM

From the presentation I linked, it looks like this is what SaskTel is using now for their IPTV service.

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