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jdh79 2003-01-23 11:18 PM

ON/MI - Windsor, Detroit, Sarnia, Leamington, Chatham - OTA
This thread is a one-stop-shopping location for info on receiving Over The Air High Definition and Digital broadcasts as experienced by Digital Home Canada members. This thread is for people who are in Southwestern Ontario.

buritto 2003-09-20 10:12 AM

WIndsor Ontario area: My tuner arrived!!!
I got it up last night during the tail end of Isabel. My indoor Recoton picked up ABC, FOX and PBS with a huge amount of dropouts. This morning when it was cleared up I scanned my SIRT151 and picked up ABC, CBS, FOX and PBS but no NBC so I'm off to get a roof top antenna, a non rotating one. I just want to point it a Detroit.

PBS shows a TON of stuff in HD, SoundStage is great in 5.1 but I do notice that my channels are in the analog order for instance.

PBS analog is 56, digital is 43. So when I punch in 43 on the remote it goes to 56.1 which is digital and I also can't seem to get to 56.2 without first having to go through 56.1 no biggie but.

ABC is analog 7, digital 41 but it reads 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 it's actually easier for me to remember the channels as I grew up with the analog numbers.

I just need to get an S-video to watch SD as I noticed going through the supplied Samsung components the SD, especailly on ABC is poor.

I have the tuner set to 1080i at all times, so what happenss if I put an S-video in and keep the 1080i set, will I get a picture for SD or do I have to manually have to change the setting on the back of the tuner to 480p? And then back to 1080i to watch HD. That would be annoying.

buritto 2003-10-21 02:08 PM

Windsor, Ontario
Complete success. I tweaked it a little just a few minutes ago and I get the following with no drops and better signal strength:

14.1 UPN ABC
43.1.2 PBS
44.1 CBS
45.1.2 NBC
58.1.2 FOX

burden 2004-05-26 12:32 AM

TV @ the Cottage on Lk Huron - Antenna or Sat ...
I realize this is "digital home", but looking for some information, and some feedback. Here is the scenario ...

1 - at home have Rogers HD 3250, hooked up to an infocus X1 for the home theatre

2 - new cottage owner, on Lake Huron currently only have outdoor antenna hooked up to a Sony 20 inch (along with a DVD player), but needs some work, only getting a few stations.

I know, why do you need a TV at the cottage, the simple answer is 2 small kids that love Blues Clues and Dora, and still need to watch the playoffs ....

So, having the debate, keep what i have (ie Rogers in the city, and update the antenna), or go with ExpressVu in the city and the cottage.

If i keep the antenna, can anyone point me to some sites to help understand how to get the best reception, which is the best antenna, etc ...

If i switch to ExpressVu, which would be the best deal to go with, and does ExpressVu have a package deal for two locations, or do most people have one system at home, and another at the cottage ...

Thoughts ?

tat2 2004-05-26 05:43 PM

Grand Bend ON analog results
Depending where on Lake Huron your cottage is, I would just go with an antenna for this summer, esp if you like your Rogers service and can do without the specialty chs.

If you do go the EVu route, just keep a dish aimed at the cottage and bring the reciver with you when you go. That way you avoid the whole getting it authorized calls to EVu. They are not happy if you have them at two locations full time. To them it looks like account spitling.

As far as antennas, I grew up very near Grand Bend (approx 1hr N of London), we had an exteral Antenna on a very tall pole (over 2 stories, not sure exactly), I do remember it was amplified and we could pick up the following pretty good. We did have a directional motor to change where the antenna pointed. THen again Lake Huron is a big lake :) )

Global (Toronto and a Repeater)
CBC (london Repeater)
CFPL (London)
CTV (CKCO Kichener)
CKNX (Wigham sister to CFPL)
CFMT (OMNI1 - London Repeater)

on a good day we wer able to get the american nets fom Detroit.

All those and DVD's shoud be enough for a summer vacation to cover those rainy days and bored kids. My cousins tape alot of shows for the kids while they are at home (6hrs a tape) and bring them with them. Kids don't car about PQ so much and if they are young enough they wont care about repeats.

It lasted me years as a kid (hell no VHS or Cable till I was a teenager).

Viro 2005-02-22 07:26 AM

Detroit HDTV channel/reception
Hey my fellow Canucks, finally a site where I might be able to hit home.

Okay, I have a HDTV ready TV. I have access to my neighbors nice big antenna.

I get analog NBC (chan. 4), ABC (chan. 7), CBS (chan. 62), WB (chan 20), and UPN (chan. 50) very clear with his antenna. FOX (chan 2) isn't so good.

Anyways, I really would like to hook myself with some OTA HDTV. I've been searching through some info and stuff and have confused myself to the point where I need help.

All the digital HDTV stations that I want to get are supposed to be available with a 'yellow-uhf' antenna (frequency assignments 21-62 for those channels)

My only desire is really to get those channels in....and right now I get Detroit 62 (CBS) clear which is within that antenna type (short distance I believe that type is)

If I can add something on my end to boost his reception for me, suggest a different type of antenna I may use then I'm up for the help.

Also, I would need a HDTV tuner but really don't have much of a clue as to where to get one around the Windsor/Leamington area.

I'm dieing to taste some HDTV but need some help. I don't 'think' I need some huge antenna, just one that will hook me up with the HDTV OTA channels....via antenna/amplifier etc

I'm okay with an indoor one, but would also be satisfied with an outdoor one

I'm more attracted to these types...(because of their size/attractiveness)


Just don't know if that's what I should be looking at....hoping I got a Windsor area native (I'm closer to Leamington) who's getting some OTA HDTV and what they're using to get it

PeMiL 2005-02-24 01:12 AM

I live near the Devonshire Mall and I have an 8 bay bowtie UHF antenna mounted in my garage (ordered on ebay from a shop in California). I figure the signal reception is reduced by 50% in this location (as opposed to the roof) but I am able to receive all of the detroit stations without difficulty. As I have it mounted to the wall of my garage I do not use a rotor and cannot get the toledo stations (they are basically the same anyway). I use an LG510 DVD/HD receiver combo as my set top box. Interestingly enough I recently rented the cable STB from cogeco (Moto 3412) and now that it lets me record HD I no longer use my OTA much anymore.

987654321 2005-02-24 09:09 AM

All the Detroit/Toledo chs are on UHF. Cleveland has 1 on VHF - but it is ch 2 - same as Fox 2 Detroit analog.

The antenna to get is the "Flying Arrow" type (UHF only) Channel Master and Winegard have models, but the Delhi model is still made in Ontario by Wade Antenna - model SFA-1483S on the following link

stampeder 2005-04-14 10:15 PM

Chatham, Ontario

Friend just south of Chatham (with large tower + biggest antenna + preamp) gets Detroit digitals (Fox, ABC,NBC,CBS,UPN,PBS + Fox Kids) plus Cleveland UPN, NBC, ABC + 1 Toledo channel
Cut and pasted from a previous post (anonymous author)

probak118 2005-04-27 07:20 AM

OTA HDTV reception ,Windsor area (Belle River)
Just a short note on what I get with a regular roof mounted antenna and rotor.

The following HD broadcasts

Detroit : 2,4,7,20,39,50,56,62
Flint : Michigan 1 station

Sometimes depends on the weather or time of day it seems.

Have not experimented much with moving the rotor yet but overall am very happy. Can't wait till local Canadian stations jump on board.

chris3579 2005-05-10 09:09 PM

Wallaceburg Ont.
I live in wallaceburg and get digital station from Detroit.

2-1 Fox HD
4-1 NBC HD
4-2 NBC Weather Plus
7-1 ABC HD
7-2 Weather Radar from WXYZ
7-3 Live Camera from of Detroit from WXYZ
20-1 WBHD
20-2 WB20
39-1 WADL TV 38
39-1 Religion Channel
56-1 PBS HD
56-2 PBS SD channel from Detroit
62-1 CBS HD

probak118 2005-05-23 07:54 AM

Windsor area (Belle River)reception question
I am using a uhf/vhf antenna now. Getting all Detroit main stations ( 2,4,7,20,39,50,62)and one in Flint(28). Can pull in Telodo at night(13, 11?) if I turn my antenna. Is anyone using the CM 4228 in my general area ? Can you pull in other stations ? How about the CM 4248 ? Why can't I pull in CBET or CHWI ? I see they have a dtv channel.

Twilight Cowboy 2005-05-23 10:11 AM

Windsor area
Are you talking about receiving the Detroit analogs (2,4,7, etc) or the digital channels hich are remapped by the STB to 2,4,7 etc?
If you are talking about the digitals, then the reason that you are not receiving any Canadian digital channels is that there are none in Southwestern Ontario.

Detroit digital channels are already at full power (unlike most other cities), so you will not get any additional new HD programming by watching PBS Toledo for example (29 remapped to 30). The Cleveland digitals are all at low power.

stampeder 2005-05-23 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by probak118
Why can't I pull in CBET or CHWI ? I see they have a dtv channel.

Industry Canada has already alotted those Canadian stations their channels for the future (CBET-DT = 35, CHWI-DT = 65) but I've never heard a thing about them actually having received their CRTC licences to broadcast in DTV yet. There's no point trying to tune them in because they are not there yet.

probak118 2005-06-02 08:00 AM

Will this antenna increase my channels ?

Originally Posted by 987654321
All the Detroit/Toledo chs are on UHF. Cleveland has 1 on VHF - but it is ch 2 - same as Fox 2 Detroit analog.

The antenna to get is the "Flying Arrow" type (UHF only) Channel Master and Winegard have models, but the Delhi model is still made in Ontario by Wade Antenna - model SFA-1483S on the following link

I am using a vhf/uhf combo now mounted on my roof with rotor. Got a quote for "Sharp shooter" CYD 1470 of $72. from local shop. Would this type unit or another type ie: CM4228/4248 get me more channels from other areas ? I live in Belle River area (east of Windsor) I now get all the Detroit locals. Is my location close enough to get Canadian dtv with another antenna ?

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