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mxz600 2007-12-31 11:01 AM

PS3's media center capabilities?
Hello, I basically want to DL my movies and music onto my laptop in my upstairs room and stream wirelessly to a PS3 or XBOX360. I have a wireless Highspeed modem that acts as a wireless router. So can I stream to these consoles effortlessly with amazing results? I have read about people doing it with Lan cables and such but not through wifi. thanks.

jcol 2007-12-31 12:13 PM

Yes you can
mxz600 - the short answer is yes you can however I wouldn't call it effortless. My son streams wireless from our Vista home computer to his PS3 in his bedroom. We originally had an older Linksys 54 something router which was not up to the task. We replaced it with a D-Link 655, even though this router is a little pricey we started getting far better results. I'm convinced that with this type of application the router is the most important piece. Distance is about 25 feet through wood frame construction. If anyone else logs into our wireless network (my wife and I both have laptops) my son will experience freezes and pauses with his video feed however with no one else on the wireless network it works very well. Picture quality depends on the source file but it is usually very good, the PS3 does a good job of upconversion if it needs to. We have both the Windows Media center setup as well as Tversity, both are detected by the PS3 and each have their strong and weak points. We have a second PS3 in our basement HTR but I have that connected by a cable and it works perfectly with the Vista computer, but wireless will work. Good luck.

mxz600 2007-12-31 01:52 PM

thanks jcol, I wonder will it work with XP? I dont have the computing power to put that vista pig on my computer.

profets 2007-12-31 02:20 PM

yeah, you can xp with wmp11 installed which will enable uPnP that can be used by 360 or ps3

by the way, whats this vista pig you're talking about? it would be nice if you could warn us cause i dont think anyone wants to have a pig on their computer

mxz600 2007-12-31 03:01 PM

Pig meaning it eats up your ram, I thought you would be able to read between the lines here, anyway, whats uPnP?

profets 2007-12-31 05:50 PM

your right, it does eat more ram. i think i'm going to downgrade to windows 3.1 since it eats such little ram. seriously, its off topic - but vista runs fine on 1gb - something thats been on sale for as low as 16

anyway, i'm pretty sure upnp is the protocol thats being used in this case for sharing media. when you install wmp11 on xp, it has a network media sharing service running that allows the pc to share music to network connected upnp devices.

360 and ps3 both use this when they search for 'media servers/computers' on the local network. i've never actually used this method since i've always had a Media center pc sharing the media.
i know in vista though when i've had folders shared - the ps3 sees them right away and can browse pics/music/video from those folders right through the xmb
if youve got ps3 or 360 on your network, even wireless, give it a try.. doesnt hurt to see how it performs over wireless

mxz600 2007-12-31 06:36 PM

I don't have a ps3 yet, i want to make sure its usable for what I want first. and ram being on sale for 16 dollars..... i see that sale too, and ram is sooo model specific that im sure that if your computer takes that ram , you either have to replace what you got with this first or something shaddy,

I tried to buy ram for both my two older laptops and to get a one gig chip is rediculasly priced. I mean, with all teh comptuers out there dead and gone there should be mountains of that crap somewhere. I just don't know where, other than ripoff ebay.

dezzpayne 2008-01-01 12:27 AM

Useful link about getting your home network PS3 ready.

As for ram...any desktop in the last o say 3 years is DDR2 forsure which means dirt cheap. Speed isn't that important. if your motherboard can't handle it, it will just run it at a speed it can. If it's a laptop then it's a different story alltogether. I believe all laptops still use the the small chip size. I can't say forsure though. I haven't upgraded ram for a laptop of mine since DDR2 came into play.

profets 2008-01-01 02:13 AM

happy new year guys

ya, ram is dirt cheap, but it is mostly ddr2. trying to find some older ddr is kinda tough at that price. most pcs/laptops from past few years are ddr2. i've got a laptop and its just as good right now. maybe 40-50 for 2x1gig. but if you have a machine thats a few years old, and runs good with xp, no need to change. new pc going forward, thats diff story

anyway, the ps3 will definitely do what your looking for. for a bit i was using my 360 for that but now that the ps3 added divx support recently as well i use it instead as its much quieter (in my setup anyway)

Neilcamp 2008-01-01 06:54 AM

I tried the wireless media server thing for the first time tonight with my PS3 and XP computer. I couldn't seem to get my fancy Kaspersky Internet Suite to allow network traffice properly but I turned its firewall off and turned on the windows firewall. The PS3 showed up right away, although it was listed as an "unknown device".

I also had to upgrade to Windows Media Player 11 since I believe this is the only one to allow media sharing.

The PS3 saw the shared files with no problems. We watched a couple of DivX TV shows (missed espisodes from flaky PVR...) and it worked quite well.

One show I copied to the PS3 hard drive and of course it worked perfectly. The other we tried streaming and it cut out a couple of times. It reconnected immediately and I could restart from about where we left off. However, this is likely a signal strength problem since I can't get my signal strength above 45% and it often dips in the the 30's. I'm not sure why since it is only about 25 feet away through one wall and some furniture.

Anyway, I'll likely copy most things to the HD in my case but if your signal strength is good, music and video streaming shoud be fine.

BD006 2008-01-01 12:52 PM

One word: TVersity.

DSgamby 2008-01-01 01:07 PM

I agree. It's a great program and it works with both my PS3 and 360.

mxz600 2008-01-01 02:20 PM

The Wii has WiFi, why hasn't someone figured out how to use the Wii as a media center? theres one in every home, why not add dvd support and a media center and then Nintendo can shut down the xbox and ps3 all together, BWAHAHAHA!

I have one by the way.

99semaj 2008-01-01 04:13 PM

Pretty sure it's because the Wii does not have the same high-end processing power that the true next-gen consoles do.

Now...what's a guy with a nice Ski Doo like yours doing with a ladies' gaming console?

timmy1 2008-01-01 05:11 PM

I have a PS3 and I use TVersity. It works great, but be aware that if it's not a file format that is natively supported by the PS3 your laptop will have to transcode it on the fly, which can take a fair bit of processing power. Also, you may not get great results if you're trying to send any hi-def video over wireless.

TVersity also works on the Wii, but it's pretty useless for video. Everything gets transcoded to Flash (because it has to play inside the Wii browser), so the best I've been able to get is choppy, pixelated, lo-res playback. It's not too bad for music, though.

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