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hugh 2007-10-22 03:59 PM

Using the HTC Touch
Telus was kind enough to send me an HTC Touch for the next several weeks so I have begun to use this iphone competitor and the phone that some are saying will be the next Google Phone.

I'll keep you posted on my progress

Nuje 2007-10-22 11:58 PM

Being currently tied into Telus and with no iPhone on the visible horizon here in Canada, I eagerly await your reports, hugh.
Give us plenty o' pics and progress reports (and if you find yourself in need of a second opinion, I'm here for ya, Buddy :)).

oldsaskatoonboy 2007-10-29 12:44 PM

So Hugh what do you think? Rogers had their Q4 launch in Winnipeg yesterday and announced the HTC Touch for GSM....So what do u think of it???? They also announced the Razo 2 V9(already on their website as coming), a LG Shine(my contact thinks it is the flip), Sony 850 coming with a 8 Gig card (now has a 2 gig card) and the touch already mentioned above.

voipmaster 2007-10-29 02:55 PM

Did you get P4000? Either way, how is the unit performed in the last 7 days?

I got a P4000 on Oct 23, and have had to charge the battery 4 times in 7 days. It's so bad, that I have to recharge 2 times a day to prevent the unit from turning off due to no charge left in it! all I've used so far is about 40 minutes of voice calls, vibe on about 50% off the time, Bluetooth on about 80% of the time, WiFi on never, and about 20 minutes total of web surfing over Evdo.

Before this, I had the Pearl on GSM. And that was very good. Constantly on vibe mode, Bluetooth on 100%, about 100 minutes of voice calls each day, about 10 minutes of web surning and about 15-20 emails send/receive each day. With all this, I had to recharge every 4 days (and it never went to 0% ever!).

Are you experiencing the same thing with your device?

KingBuzzo 2007-10-29 03:00 PM

I saw the touch at a kiosk - interesting & Wi-Mo6 at least...

I need a tactile keyboard but it is still nice...

Wayde 2007-10-30 08:11 AM

Hey Voipmaster, I too own a P4000 with Telus, although I just sold it. It was a great phone, loved the tactile keyboard. I use wi-fi regularly and bluetooth every so often. I have to recharge every couple of days. I have a routine of docking it on my workstation at work so it's not a big issue for me. The plug they give you charges very fast too in case you have little time.

I never considered the battery life a problem. But then I've never owned many devices outside a 4th gen iPod that requires recharge consistently. I don't see it as a problem and marvel at how battery technology lasts as long as it does.

I bought an HTC touch unlocked over the Internet. It's a GSM phone and I'll have to get a SIM from Rogers. But Telus's Touch is a problem, it has no wi-fi which is completely lethal to me. I don't plan on paying by the Meg for digital access to Rogers or Telus. I want to make calls but I find using a PDA very handy for work and personal life, the phone is almost just a bonus. I sync exchange with wifi and I'm good. I can send/receive emails over wifi.

The lack of qwerty keyboard on touch is a problem but there are touch screen full sized keyboards you can find for windows mobile.

Deckster 2007-11-05 08:46 PM

I'm really interested in hearing about your opinion on the Touch. Bell is offering unlimited data on it for $7/mth. If it is a good device, I will b getting one.

kje 2007-11-05 11:59 PM

Deckster, do you have a link with more info on Bell offering the Touch and this $7 uniimited data plan?

Deckster 2007-11-06 07:15 PM

The Touch is going to be classified as a phone on Bell rather than a data device. That means that it will use a wap portal for it's data, and the $7 unlimited mobile browser option covers all data (unless you tether to a computer as a modem, then you need a data plan).

I need to know how well it works because unlimited data is useless if the device sucks.

This is a quote from their internal release info

"It is recommended that clients subscribe to the FUN 15 or FUN 25 Music bundles to gain access to the Unlimited Mobile Browser service in order to prevent unnecessary data charges and to use most applications requiring data on the device (i.e. Internet Explorer Mobile, Windows Live Messenger, Outlook Mobile, etc.) "

01 Boxer 2007-11-08 10:07 PM

Here is a comparison between the HTC Touch and the iPhone:

TKG26 2007-11-09 12:09 AM

Wayde, your unlocked version does or doesnt have wifi? With the insane data rates these days i personally would rather have the wifi so i can connect when i find a free hot spot, for me email and web is casual fun so its not a nessacity, we are looking to cut our land line and grab a pair of phones, and the touch is on the top of my list.... Telus min plan is 2meg wich is very scary to say the least, if i sign up i will likely not use the email. I if i was to forward my current email to the touch i would hit 2meg an hour just in spam....

I played with one today at telus and it was kinda kool, its not an iphone though, the screen is able to go horizontal and vertical but its done wiht a setting change not with movement of the devise wich i found annoying,

TKG26 2007-11-11 05:08 PM

Well i went and got one..

First annoyance and a very serious downfall. Windows mobile 6.1 does not sync:
-vista calandar
-vista contacts
-vista email
-vista ect

IF you have OUTLOOK your fine, i hate outlook at home its too bloated... IF i find a fix ill post back

Nuje 2007-11-11 07:28 PM

And hence my desire (and patience) to wait for the iPhone - seamless integration with iCal, iTunes, iAnything that you have on my Mac.

(Note - I also have a good Thinkpad, and would've been happy to use that with a WinMobile smartphone, but the kludgy, awkward, and unreliability of syncing with anything made that a dead-end street.)

TKG26 2007-11-11 09:02 PM

Thing i heard about the iphone and it could be BS is that because its so Internet dependent the if your out of service area you got nothing but a paper weight apparently you cannot get any use out of its other function... Again could be smoke blown right up my ---....

But MS really needs to fix this issue, its the lamest shortcoming i have ever experienced with a PC. And in away i feel its intentional. Because on the Windows mobile device center setup disk is a "FREE 60 DAY TRIAL PERIOD OF OUTLOOK!" Wow if thats not obvious i don't know what is. How could they sell me OUTLOOK if the thing worked with vista aps right out of the box?

I mean for me the non business person, simple PC hobbyist with that enjoys the toys but have no interest in a full out office suit(open source is just fine for that stuff) its frustration that i cannot sync all the items the phone will take with all the items i have included in vista. I don't need office or outlook i have basic functioning windows vista aps that do the job just fine.... I'm in search of a 3rd party sync utility now

1phase 2007-12-21 09:50 AM

HTC TOUCH - Screen Turns off
Hi there, I recently purchased an HTC Touch and love it. But for the last few days every time I plug my device into either the AC adapter or the USB for my computer, the screen turns blank. The device is still on because if I turn on the camera it works but as soon as i close that it turns blank again. The only programs I have installed are ones from SPB such as Mobile Shell and pocket plus. Does anyone have a solution such as settings to change or found ways to fix this? Thanks.

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