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SportsFan 2007-07-02 06:32 PM

SaskTel MAX Digital TV Recorder
On the Sasktel web site:
"Digital TV Recorder is here! Pause rewind, and record live TV."

The link goes to a blank page now.

This explains the "recordable" indicators that I've noticed in program info.

It looks like they're ready to introduce their PVR.

smegger2000 2007-07-02 10:55 PM

So it's just an SD PVR then? Guess I will be staying with Shaw then for sure.

captaintrav 2007-07-23 05:30 PM

Not sure on the release date, but the PVR will do HD when it is released.

Due to bandwidth issues, recording one channel while watching another will be limited to SD channels until migration to VDSL2

painter 2007-07-23 07:49 PM

When's the migration going to take place?

SportsFan 2007-08-14 04:05 AM

Rumour has it that it will be very similar to this box:

walker18 2007-08-14 12:06 PM

That may be what, the question now is when?

Monk 2007-08-16 03:24 PM

I had heard from someone on the inside that it was going to be the VIP1216 (the 160GB version of the VIP1208 SportsFan linked to) but until I see it in person, it is all rumour and speculation.

One thing to keep in mind is that even though the hardware may support HD recording, this feature may not be available as there may not be enough bandwidth to support two HD streams. They could probably allow recording one HD stream while watching an SD stream (or vice versa) but I doubt they want the headache of explaining to people why they can't record and watch two different HD streams.

Monk 2007-08-24 04:24 AM

Yup, it's the VIP1216. I know a beta tester.

Mucked about with it for a bit. Your current channel is now visible on the guide page so you don't have to miss your show. The OS is Windows-based but the interface has been completely redone for Max; it looks almost identical to my grey Pace box with a few tweaks. I couldn't get any signal from the optical or component connectors, but RF, composite and S-video all worked simultaneously. Neither the TV nor receiver has HDMI so I couldn't test it.

I won't comment on stability and speed issues as it is definitely running beta software. (I managed to crash the box within five minutes of grabbing the remote, but I suppose that's the reason for the beta test.)

If there's anything specific you want me to test, let me know.

Neild 2007-09-02 11:06 PM

I heard this is launching Tues Sept 4 2007

walker18 2007-09-04 09:06 PM

I just got off the phone with Sasktel. My install for my DVR is set for Sept. 19. The cost is $9.99/month per box. Me sales rep said I could have one HD box and one SD. I didn't ask about recording more than one program at a time. She did say that they felt it was very stable and they had held off releasing it for several weeks to work out the bugs.

Monk 2007-09-07 09:07 PM

You can only record one program at a time. And only SD.

terrier1 2007-09-08 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by Monk (Post 598455)
You can only record one program at a time. And only SD.

My information states SD DTVR is "watch and record" and customers who want HD DTVR will be "watch what you record" at this time. Additional bandwidth will be deployed later in the year to allow HD DTVR customers to have "watch and record" capabilities. All DTVR customers will get the same STB, the Moto VIP1216.

terrier1 2007-09-08 01:03 PM

DTVR install
My DTVR is SD and so far responds as requested. Install was painless and instruction was simple, even comes with a booklet. Recordings look great :p and benchmark is 100 hours on SD recordings and about 25 if HD DTVR. Grooming of course is left to the user.
All in all so far, it's a thumbs up.

HDTV 66 2007-09-08 03:52 PM

So with the HD DTVR i cant record a show and watch a show at the same time even if the show that i am recording is in SD?

terrier1 2007-09-09 02:19 PM

My understanding is that the IPTV STB controls the functionality, not the individual shows. If you get a HD DTVR STB, regardless of what signal the content provider pushs (SD or HD) to the channel, you require the HD bandwidth. If you get a SD DTVR you must have adequate bandwidth to watch and record.

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