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birdman325 2007-06-28 02:46 PM

"Dead" Wireless Spot in the House?
My desktop computer sits in the family room and connects to a Linksys Wireless Router through a Linksys wireless USB adapter. I also have a laptop which connects to the Wireless router (and sits in the same room as the router, at the other end of the house from the family room and the desktop computer).
My laptop connection to the wireless router is generally rock solid but I am having tons of trouble with the desktop connecting through the wireless USB adapter. It will often connect, and then randomly disconnect. I can see "view available wireless networks" and see my network (as well as my neighbours) but it won't connect and I get the big red X. Sometimes I am able to select "repair network" and the connection will get re-established and other times it won't. The connect / disconnect also seems to happen totally random, it will work for most of the day, and then just disconnect. I checked all my drivers, deleted and re-installed etc, still no luck.

I read somewhere that maybe there is an intermittent interference problem from an outside source. So I took my laptop into the same room as the desktop, and wouldn't you know it, but my rock solid connection was lost! Same pattern as the desktop. It would randomly seem to connect and disconnect. Clearly, there seems to be some type of interference at that end of the house, from a neighbour or something.

Any suggestions for dealing with this? I read somewhere I can change the "channel" of the router, and then would also presumably have to change the "channel" on the other end (laptop / desktop as well)?


classicsat 2007-07-01 10:10 AM

Is the adapter plugged directly in the computer? If so, try a USB extension.

PhotoJim 2007-07-01 12:21 PM

Try changing your WiFi channel. There are three discreet channels - 1, 7 and 11. (The other channels overlap each other.) You can download and install a program called Airsnort which will tell you what WiFi access points it can see. See if one of these three channels is clear. If it is, change to that channel. Your WiFi radio in the computer will figure out the channel automatically so there is nothing to do on your computer's end.

Channel 7 is the default for almost all routers so it's very common for your neighbours to have APs on channel 7.

The other issue is where your AP is located. WiFi, like any radio transmitter, works better if it's mounted high. If you have it on your floor or in your basement, you'll get less signal perpetuation than if it's mounted atop a bookshelf or on the upper floor of your home. (One caveat: if you're directly below your AP you'll tend to get very bad signal as the broadcast is out and down, but at an angle.)

MarcP 2007-07-01 12:24 PM

I made this for my wireless router several months ago and it made a big difference in signal strength anywhere in our house.

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