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jacksparrow 2007-05-14 08:45 PM

'Heroes' Shocker: A Spin-off Series!

supervij 2007-05-14 11:55 PM

"The new show has been ordered for six episodes, and will introduce a completely new set of characters. The coolest part: In an effort to make the show interactive (and, I'm guessing, to squash what is going to be some griping by "Heroes" fans who are unhappy that the original show won't return in September), NBC will ask fans to vote on which is the new characters is their favorite, and that character will then become a regular cast member on the original series."

Given the high quality of Heroes, I'm more than happy to give the spinoff a try. Although there are two things that disappoint: an all-new cast (I'd like to see at least one or two from the original -- Hiro definitely!), and the fact that Heroes won't be back in September. Personally, I'd forgo the spinoff just to get the original back as soon as possible. But I am intrigued.


eljay 2007-05-15 04:22 PM

I don't like the sound of this "Survivor"-type voting of characters from the spin-off onto the original series. Let the writers write good episodes for the original and have it move forward according to its own merit.

jacksparrow 2007-05-15 05:42 PM

I concur ;)

al7220 2007-05-17 05:29 AM

Wait, it's not coming back in Sept.? Why not?

TKG26 2007-06-06 07:47 AM

WTF its not coming back?

99gecko 2007-06-06 12:32 PM

Whoa, take it easy tkg26. There is no way NBC would turn it's back on one of it's most popular new series.

Yes Heroes is coming back, just not in September. NBC has ordered 30 new episodes - 24 episodes of Heroes, and 6 episodes of Heroes: Origins.

This I have picked up from the boards at NBC's website:
Speculation is that the mini-series Heroes: Origins, apparently will all air first followed by short hiatus, then 24 episodes of Heroes. The hiatus is required to produce the episodes that will have the carry-over character from the Heroes: Origins mini-series. They may air some of this year's final episodes prior to the mini-series, to get viewers "primed".

TKG26 2007-06-06 11:53 PM

thank god, i took a pill! LOL

99gecko 2007-06-27 09:31 PM

Heroes: Origins to air after Season 2

Heroes: Origins, originally slated to debut this summer, will instead air after Season 2 is done in April, giving it a primo May sweeps timeslot.
Spoiler Alert - do not click the link if you don't like spoilers!!!
Here is the link, but it contains a spoiler for the Heroes Season 2, and some other not so interesting stuff about the show.

99gecko 2007-11-16 05:53 PM

Might not be airing at all this year:

False start for NBC's 'Heroes: Origins'

Fears of a writers strike may have already contributed to a decision NBC made Wednesday to pull the highly anticipated spinoff miniseries of its hit "Heroes" from a midseason launch.

NBC declined comment, but "Heroes: Origins" is not going to get its six-episode run, which was expected to start as early as late April. While the network hasn't officially canceled the spinoff, producers of the series have been given no indication of when it might get a spot on the schedule.

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