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crazydutch 2007-03-31 09:09 PM

MTS advertised speeds
Hi there Digitalhome forum,

I'm wondering what the MTS internet speeds should be, i'm not very happy with our speed.
we are getting 264/256 with the Light package in Dauphin, Manitoba
Does anyone know if this is the correct speed ?
It's very slow to what i'm used to, i used to pay about the same price in Holland, Europe for a 20MBps connection


shawguy 2007-03-31 09:32 PM

welcome to the forums crazydutch!

I am also assuming you are new to Canada... Here 20MBps is the fastest we can get and its about $100 a month, so for MTS' light speed package, I believe those are the correct speeds, (if you call 225-5687 its a free call anywhere in MB with MTS - they would be able to tell you for sure) I don't know if you can get much faster up in Dauphin - probably top at 3-5Mbps, but I know here in Winnipeg, there are a couple more options other than MTS also.


crazydutch 2007-03-31 10:43 PM

That's correct, been living here now for 6 months.
I'm moving down to Carman,MB next week so i'm hoping to get faster speeds there seeing as it's a lot closer to winnipeg
also thanks for the quick reply and the Telephone number i will sure give them a call in the next week or so if my speed in Carman doesn't improve.
And yeah i'm used to ''very'' fast internet, in Holland there's a lot of competition between the internet providers i'm sure there's about 5 ''BIG ones''
so they have to keep the prices down and the speeds up, i think it's hard to do in a country with such a size as Canada with a widespread population though, the market simply isn't big enough in Rural areas.


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