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Aberdeen 2007-01-19 09:24 PM

MTS TV Price Increase - Feb 2007
So apparently on my bill this month, I am informed of a $2 price increase to the basic package of MTS TV, because of "increased programming costs".

Unless this "increased programming cost" includes more HD channels, I think they may have just lost my business.

fami 2007-01-20 02:34 AM

yeah that doesnt suprise me because on Wednesday there was an article in the winnipeg free press about mts raising pay phone rates from 25 cents to 50 cents. so now basic cable from mts would be $29.95 a month.

radiologist46 2007-01-20 06:42 PM

Hey Aberdeen, what HD service and T.v do u have? Hmmm just signed my Dad up for MTS T.V, same price for the year, I guess I will have to check on that issue. Thanks

Aberdeen 2007-01-21 02:21 PM

I have MTS TV, but no HD service as of yet, because MTS' is not worth the effort to get hooked up yet. I'm currently looking at switching to Starchoice.

Aberdeen 2007-01-25 03:16 PM

Received an email back from MTS -

Our mandate continues to be to expand our services to meet the needs of
our customers. Unfortunate, the process of expanding our HD Channel line
up has taken more time than anticipated. We will be adding more channels
in the near future, but there are many factors involved in adding a
channel that are beyond the control of MTS. As such, specific dates
should not have been released and we apologize for any inconvenience you
may have experienced due to information received in the past.

Thank you
MTS Allstream

This tells me they probably aren't going to be making changes for months to come.

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