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hugh 2006-12-08 12:38 PM

Review: Monoprice
The purpose of this thread is for Digital Home members to review and relay their experience with Monoprice

This is NOT a discussion thread so please limit yourself to one post which includes your review.

We welcome the input and opinions of all members whether they are good or bad, however, please note that this thread is NOT for rants. Whether you had a good or bad experience with this vendor we want to hear about it but in an OBJECTIVE manner.

If you post a rant or childish comments like, these guys "suck" or they're all a "bunch of idiots", then your comments will be considered trolling and your post will be deleted.

When you post, please try to include the following information:
  • What product or service you purchased.
  • Approximate timeframe you ordered the product
  • What location you dealt with if it’s a company with many stores or service locations
  • Your overall level of satisfaction
  • If you had a positive experience, please explain what made it such a positive experience.
  • If you had a negative experience, please read our guidelines below.

Guidelines for Posting Negative Reviews

The truth is no retailer or service provider is perfect and occasionally even the best companies can disappoint. Our experience is that good companies have problems but they typically make every reasonable effort to resolve problems.

If you had a problem and are posting a negative review, then please note what efforts you made to resolve the problem and the feedback you received. If you think the efforts to resolve the problem were NOT reasonable then please explain why. Saying you phoned up and talked to some idiot, suggests the problem may lie with the consumer and NOT the company!

No posting URLS or Directs to Competitors will be deleted

Posts containing URL's to competitors or posts saying gee you should have shopped at this retailer will be considered spam and deleted.

We want opinions, NOT sales pitches or spam!

QuickSilver 2006-12-08 01:39 PM

Purchased an HDMI 2X1 switch for my HD-A1 and Sony TV. Recieved the unit in about 1.5 weeks very well packaged. After finding out the unit was not going to work with my Toshiba I emailed Monoprice tech support and they immediately responded and offered to send me the 5X1 Revision 2.0 switch for $20.00 US more than the 2X1 switch I had purchased. All works fine now.

Excellent Product
Excellent Customer Service
Recommend to anyone.

rikee 2006-12-08 01:58 PM

Purchased: 1 HDMI cable, S-VGA cable, subwoofer cable, component cable and power bar. Stuff arrived within 2 weeks and I'm really happy with what they sent me. Can't ask for better at this price.

timbo 2006-12-08 09:18 PM

Highest recommendation
5X1 HDMI Switch
2X1 HDMI Switch - push button type
3 Way Toslink Switch

  • HDMI, DVI, HDMI-DVI, all 28 awg
  • Component, all 18 awg
All of my purchases have been in the past 12 months. I am completly satisfied with all the products and the service from MonoPrice.

Positive: When I became antsy after 2 weeks and contacted MonoPrice, they responded quickly and asked me to be patient. Package arrived 2 days later.
The USPS Express delivery is fast.
Website is top notch. Great inventory. The prices are ridiculously low for quality products.

Negative: The USPS shipping takes 2 or 3 weeks.

bailey4363 2006-12-09 12:09 PM

One DVI/HDMI cable, one DVI/DVI cable, and still in transit HDMI cable. Wonderfull to deal with and the cables are very high quality and a fraction of the price as compared to BB,FS or Visions.
Positve-Price and quality
Negative- Long delivery time (lol worth the wait)

wwcook 2006-12-09 03:11 PM

I ordered a HDMI to DVI cable for $14.99, shipping was $4.98 (US dollars). Order date was December 12 2005, a very busy time for the mail. I received it the first week of January.

Within an 3 hours of ordering I received a confirmation email.
Two hours after that I recieved a "your order has shipped" email.
Price delivered to my door was about $23 Canadian. It looks as good or better than the one that a big box store wanted to sell me for over $150CDN.

None. I recommend them HIGHLY a pleasure to do business with.

dehem71 2006-12-12 09:37 AM

I ordered 5 cables (s-video, component, toslink) on Nov. 28, received Dec. 11. Very satisfied.


magnet 2006-12-12 01:37 PM

31 Attachment(s)
I've ordered numerous times from this company.

I tell all my friends/ co-workers to save up to 90% over Future Shop's prices for an HDMI cable is well worth the up to 3 weeks in delivery.

dsspredator 2006-12-13 08:27 AM


Originally Posted by cgyclaytonmagnet (Post 471207)
up to 3 weeks in delivery.

It is not them. It is the USPS, customs and Canada Post. I had one package arrive in less than 6 business days and one took almost 3 weeks.

All products excellent!

57 2006-12-18 04:13 PM

I have placed 5 orders with Monoprice.

- one took 3 business days.
- one took 9 business days (got dinged for duty, tax, etc - order was over $50)
- one took 7 business days during the "Christmas Rush". (Item left on the porch by CP)
- one took 8 business days, also during Christmas Rush.
- one took 6 business days

All were shipped out the day after the order was placed. (I did make sure all items were in stock before ordering and in one instance waited a couple of days so that the items were in stock)

I couldn't be happier.

JoeSoap 2006-12-18 07:55 PM

By co-incidence, the evening before this thread was started I did my first order from monoprice. It arrived today which would be the 7th business day.

The only disconcerting part of the order process was that they showed my password in plain text on the sign-up confirmation screen.

I would order from them again.

CHIAPET 2006-12-18 08:20 PM

I ordered 2 high quality 35' HDMI and one Component, a DVI --> HDMI adapter, as well as a 50' S-VHS cable....all arrived within a week to Vancouver, were packed very well, and appear extremely well made.

Would not hesitate to do business with them again.

callummcgraw 2006-12-18 10:12 PM

Just placed my first order with them, based on good reviews from Digital Home. They have the 3ft HDMI to DVI cables on sale today for $1.93 !!!

BCScott 2006-12-22 10:37 PM

I just received my order today (Dec 22). It was placed the evening of Dec11. It was 6 x 3.5mm mini plug to RCA cables which were US$1.00 each. The same plugs in Belkin Pure A/V brand were CDN$24.95 at the Source last week. I also got 2 x 6ft mini plug to mini plug cables for US$1.06 each and mini plug Y for US$1.95. Total price with shipping and handling of $7.95 was US$18.02, or CDN$20.72. That's a savings of over $125 on the first 6 cables alone!

WojtekZ 2006-12-23 01:18 AM

I ordered the 5x1 switch as well as a few HDMI/Firewire and DVI cables. While not a real complaint, the 24AWG mesh jacketed HDMI cable is REALLY thick, the pictures do not do it justice, about 2x the width of the average HDMI cable I have seen.

I was however surprised to see an $8 Handling fee in addition to taxes. I have never paid a brokerage/handling fee for anything shipped USPS. I ordered about $200 worth of stuff, could that be why?

The prices for cables are amazing. I have had colleagues pay $25 CDN for a firewire cable at FutureShop/BestBuy. Monster's firewire cable is $74/$85 [how can that be legal!]

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