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craigstar 2006-05-26 11:18 AM

HDMI Issues on Videotron

I've got a Pace 551 hooked up to my plasma via HDMI cables...

Now I am trying to get used to this... when I turn on the TV (which is always in Standby) I get the "Your TV does not support HDCP, please use ybr.." connections

Ok, but then after maybe.. 20 seconds or so the screen will go black and come back. It may be my eyes, but I swear the image is better and the message is gone.

Is that the "handshake"? If it wasn't the handshake, would the message stay on the screen? or what would be the implications of it not supporting HDCP?

I have an Akai PDP4273M and I've confirmed the HDMI port is ver 1.1 compliant.

on a sidenote: since I got this cable the image is freakishly better. Even SD channels are amazing... there is a small issue with black levels on the component connections, but that has disappeared with the HDMI cable. SD channels looked "not great" over component connections.

thanks :)

57 2006-05-26 11:23 AM

Yes, it appears this is the handshake. If you turn the TV on first, then the STB, you may not need to wait for the handshake.

Glad to hear this makes your PQ better.

Chris23 2006-05-27 12:03 PM

I've got the same problem mentionned above, but even if I wait I will not get any image.
My TV (Hitachi 55HDM71) is suposed to be HDCP compliant.
Now I don't know where to get help from because I'm not aware how to check the defective part.
Should I contact Videotron or Hitachi?

57 2006-05-27 02:02 PM

Service providers do not officially support DVI or HDMI, only component video. It's unlikely Videotron will help you.

If you don't get the message "this TV is not HDCP compliant" and simply get no picture, you have some sort of connection issue.

See the Digital Home FAQ "things to check first" (under help).

Chris23 2006-05-29 11:53 AM

Thanks for the info about providers not supporting HDMI.
I do get the message "Your TV does not support HDCP, please use ybr"

I'm planning to plug a HDMI DVD to the HDTV to check that at least my TV is HDCP compliant.
If it works that would mean that the problem is coming from the STB.

57 2006-05-29 03:45 PM

Your reasoning in the last paragraph may be faulty. Quite a few of the upconverting DVD players do not have an HDCP compliance requirement since they're not truly HD.

Since the TV has an HDMI input, those are usually HDCP compliant, so I guess it could be an issue with the STB. Turn on the TV first, then the STB.

Chris23 2006-05-29 07:05 PM

That was too easy...

I was planning to do the test on the LDA-531, but I'm not sure that the toogle as anything to do with HDCP requirement (may be just the up-convert flag)

LG LDA-531 DVD Player Setup Codes
HDCP Toggle: (off to enable upconversion on component video)

Will do some test tonight anyway, just for fun.

Chris23 2006-05-30 12:25 PM

So I had the HDMI/DVI connection working, by switching on the TV first.
But althought I choose "Auto DVI" in resolution setting, HD will be in 480.
I've read different post (however mainly about SA8000, and have decided to go back to component, as did other members in this forum.
Tks for the help that was provided!

SyStEm[666] 2006-06-04 12:56 AM

Just a little msg, Vidéotron will support HDMI or DVI if the Illico box have one.

JeffAlbertson 2006-06-04 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by SyStEm[666]
Just a little msg, Vidéotron will support HDMI or DVI if the Illico box have one.

Until it becomes obvious that it's a software issue. Then it will be sent to Pace or SA and be checked again after the next update. Not much else they can do.

57 2006-06-04 12:16 PM


Originally Posted by SyStEm[666]
Just a little msg, Vidéotron will support HDMI or DVI if the Illico box have one.

Perhaps I was not clear in my earlier post. DVI and HDMI will work, provided YOU can make it work.

However, most (all) service providers do NOT OFFICIALLY support it (as previously mentioned) because there are simply too many things that can be 'wrong' (bad cable, incorrect firmware, STB settings, TV firmware, routing signal through a switch, routing signal through an HDMI receiver, etc), so they only officially support component video, because it would take too much effort to troubleshoot DVI/HDMI.

SyStEm[666] 2006-06-05 12:11 PM

Like I said, Vidéotron support HDMI cable and will troubleshoot them. Don't know for DVI because I didn't get a call on that.

Btw, I am working for Vidéotron as technical support.

57 2006-06-05 12:18 PM

Thanks for the clarification, most HDMI should be "easy" if you have a true HDMI to HDMI connection, since there are usually no HDCP issues.

It's when you have one end DVI, especially if it's the TV, that issues can arise.

I do not believe Rogers troubleshoot anything but CV, but it may depend on the technician.

craigstar 2006-06-05 09:46 PM

Hey SyStEm[666] ..

Once every two days or so... the box won't handshake. I turn off the TV, box.... turn it all back on and I get the new HDCP error message.

When I got this with the old firmware - it would automatically handshake after 15 seconds.. now it just sits there. Turning the box off and on doesn't force a handshake - I have to physically unplug it and back in to force it. Then it's good for another two days or so..

any ideas?

mod 2006-08-04 07:58 PM

I have the same HDCP problem with my TV since the latest firmware update. In my case, it happens in every one or two weeks. When it happened, I had to power cycle my Pace STB to get it back. I have an HDMI cable connected to TV.

Are there any other people experiencing the same problem?

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