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sleemo 2006-10-05 08:05 AM

Lost: Season 3 Official Thread
'Lost' has puzzling season premiere

Did anyone catch the season premiere last night? I thought it was a good one, looking forward to the rest of the season.

QuickSilver 2006-10-05 08:55 AM

I watched it. I really liked it as well. Over the past couple months I got caught up through the first 2 seasons watching them here at work on my lunch from my Ipod to the tv here in teh lunch room with our cheif accountant.

Great show..I have tons of theories and some actually seem to be close to what is being played out.

Looking forward to this season and learning more about the "Others"

langong 2006-10-05 10:08 AM

great season opening, I like the view of the "village" in the middle of the island, can't wait for next week with the attempted rescuse mission :)

mrhooie 2006-10-05 10:24 AM

crazy indeed. really liked how Sawyer, Jack and Kate were seperated in the others compound.

sawyer so excited by getting the fish biscuit was my favorite part - LOL!

StaticSurge 2006-10-06 03:44 AM

Something tells me that rescue mission isn't going to work.. Just look how easy it was for them to catch Sawyer and from what we can tell Jack at least is underwater, it's going to be difficult to say the least.

Icemann 2006-10-06 10:57 AM

Loved the first episode and I'm glad they are finally resolving the love triangle. I'm tired of Kate jumping back and forth and I like the new character, Juliet.

I also loved how they built in the tension between her and Ben/Henry Gale via his omission in the book club, Ben locking her into the flooding room and her icy response to Ben at the end. Basically you can't figure out if she is completely playing Jack or if she actually cares about him.

eightninesuited 2006-10-08 12:54 PM

I put it on CTV and thought "WTH is this!" Where is LOST!!!! And then as the rumble began (Thank you subwoofer) and saw the plane I said: "OH SNAP!" Very similar opening to seaosn 2.

Pretty good episode. Evie looked really nice in that dress. :o

talljak 2006-10-08 01:01 PM

I love lost but to me it seems like the season premier talked and talked and didn't say anything.
Jacks EX's new boyfriend didn't need to be a story line for the episode right after the hatch blew up.
It frustrates me sometimes how slow they go.
But the opening with the village on the island was awesome.
Must be some kind of cult living there ha-ha.
Hope we learn some more about the island in the next episodes.

frostbyte72 2006-10-11 12:42 PM

I actually didn't think it was that good. Didn't like the fact we only saw them in their prisons. Would have like to have more variety. But I figure they are setting something up. They gotta. Can't wait for tonight's ep!

81omega 2006-10-11 01:54 PM

Hope they don't do like they did last year and air a couple of episodes than repeats.

talljak 2006-10-11 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by 81omega (Post 436607)
Hope they don't do like they did last year and air a couple of episodes than repeats.

hate to break your hopes but there will be lost repeats as well as a lengthy break.
Since the 1st eppisode of the 3rd season there will be new eppisodes untill November 1 then It will be back Jan/feb some time 2007
I wish they whould show lost like 24 just show it in half the season not show repeats.
Actualy I wish every show did that
Half the shows can have Sept-Jan the other half Jan till May

QuickSilver 2006-10-12 07:31 AM

I really enjoyed last nights episode. It's funny since we watched the first 2 seasons here at work on lunch break...I made a call that the "others" were the children of the dharma project leaders and have been on the island all their lives. I guess it wasn't that great a call but nice to see I was right.

Looking forward to the next episode to see what Jack can do to go home.

skypilot 2006-10-19 04:55 PM

IMHO, I thought that last night's episode (18 Oct.) rocked and easily could have been the season premiere. I have always enjoyed the John Locke character, and last night was rich with his story. Great episode! I hope they stay with this crowd for a while before meeting up too soon with Ben et al.

ken0042 2006-10-19 05:28 PM

One thing I didn't recall from season 2..... last night when it started and they showed "previously on Lost" they showed the Asian scientist who was explaining the Darma thing talking about how a group will be covertly monitoring a group that has to push a button every 108 minutes. When did we see that part of the film?

supergenius 2006-10-19 05:32 PM

IIRC there was an episode where Locke and Eko discovered and explored the "other" hatch. I think it had a bunch of monitors (like a security centre). Thats where they found the training film for the observation hatch.

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