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ballsmag 2006-09-13 12:45 AM

Firewire Recording From Videotron Works
I just got a SA8300HD from Videotron today, and after some fighting, I've managed to record to my Mac via Firewire, using AVCVideoCap (part of the Firewire SDK).

Everything in the SA8300's info screen seems to indicate Firewire is disabled -- any 1394 status is "Unavailable". But it showed up as a device on my Mac when connected, and while I cannot get it to record live TV, playing back a recorded show and starting a capture works! I've successfully recorded PBSHD and it looks great!

57 2006-09-13 01:36 AM

Thanks for the post. Someone else mentioned this a couple of days ago.

PBS-HD is unencrypted on some service providers. Can you check whether other channels will also record?

Found the previous post.

Jake 2006-09-13 09:38 AM


I was using a Windows XP laptop so the capture app had a zillion options which I most likely mucked up. Hence the corrupted TS (but it was live). I will see what happens when I play back pre-recorded material.

57, I read in another forum that SARA 1.88 enabled the 1394 ports. Are Rogers folk still at 1.87?

ballsmag 2006-09-13 09:44 AM

I had zero success recording live -- I ended up with appropriate-sized transport streams, but no success playing back. Recording from the same channel, playing back and capturing the playback did work. I'll try capturing some recorded content from TMNHD this evening.

Jean Claude 2006-09-13 11:20 AM


Plz lets us know of your finding. I realy much like to dump my HD content to my Pc so in the future we can burn unencrypted matérial to either BD or HD DvD disk.

ballsmag 2006-09-13 02:35 PM

Good news! I successfully captured and played back from TMN-HD and Discovery HD! But again, only previously recorded content -- Live TV doesn't show up right.

I had something on buffered Live TV, but it was scrambled. I think that might be a possibility still, as I had some scrambled content once with recorded content. I think it's a timing issue.

57 2006-09-13 02:38 PM

Rogers is still 1.87... :(

dynot 2006-09-13 08:58 PM

So this means we can free up space on the STB by storing recordings on a HDD or CD. Now would we be able to rewrite it to the STB if we ever want to watch it on the big screen again?

57 2006-09-13 09:02 PM

Your options would be an HTPC or soon recordable HD/BR-DVD.

hugh 2006-09-13 09:26 PM


Good news! I successfully captured and played back from TMN-HD and Discovery HD! But again, only previously recorded content -- Live TV doesn't show up right.
Congats and thanks for posting this news!

I'm curious can you (or anyone else) confirm that it's actually HD you're recording and not a downconverted signal?

bobbyhollywood 2006-09-13 10:36 PM

Wouldn't a D-VHS machine also be an option for archiving material ?

Jake 2006-09-13 10:47 PM

Hugh, I can confirm that a sample I saved is indeed 1080 x 1920 HD averaging 15Mbps and AC3 audio. I think a D-VHS deck is the only practical storage solution at this time. Other than an HTPC.

hsantos 2006-09-23 12:26 PM

The Firewire doesnt seem to work for me!

I installed the firebus drivers and also the WinXP patch
and whenever I try Capdvhs or MCE... I get and error!

Im able to change the channels using the channel.exe -v x channel
But If I start Capdvhs and follow this:
"Select the "Data Info." tab and hit the "Rec" Button. You should see the info populated."
My computer freezes... sometimes reboots... No Blue screen...

If UI try with Windows Media Encoder I get:
"Cannot find a valid output stream from the source 0xC00D1B70"

Any special tips I should follow to make it happen?


Jake 2006-09-23 08:39 PM

I used VLC Media player. File : Open Capture Device. In VIDEO DEVICE NAME select the 8300HD Tuner from the list. Make sure your STB is in playing a recording show. Under stream/save settings select FILE and pick a location to save the stream.

MichelC 2006-09-27 01:14 AM


Which driver are you using? Did you install the Firebus or the Firestb package? Also, did you have to install the XP 1394 patch?

I'm trying to make this thing work on my laptop and so far, no luck. Thanks in advance for your help.

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