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SMCKINNON24 2005-09-30 01:21 PM

Proposed Upcoming Pending New Channels
As a request from The Administration they said this would be a better
to be placed here .

Canadian Science Channel *** Proposed by Rogers ***
Big Pop TV ** Proposed by Rogers ***
The Baseball Channel **** Proposed by Rogers ***
WNLO-23 *** Approved already to launch, pending ***
The Soccer Net *** GOL ( launching soon )
The Casino & Gambling Channel ** Approved, launching soon ***
The Christian Channel October 3rd, 2005
World Fishing Network November 2005
GOL TV Canada Fall 2005
CGTV Canada

Proposed Channels ( Approved by CRTC )
CTV NewsVu
The Parent Channel
The Kennel Club Network
Canal D
Croatian TV
Dutch TV
Polish TV
Hungarian TV
Music Music Music
MTV 2 **** ctv proposed channel ***

Rebranded Channels

TALK TV to MTV Canada

PlayitSimple 2005-09-30 10:41 PM

Okay SMCKINNON24, I am only going to go through this once, so here it is, the list to end all lists!

[1] CHANNELS AlREADY APPROVED (Have yet to launch or no one has agreed to carry them):

CGTV Canada (2001) [Coming Fall 2005]
The Christian Channel (2001) [Coming Fall 2005]

All Points Bulletin (2002) -EXTENSION UNTIL SEPT. 2006- [media tool for law enforcement agencies]
Big Pop TV (2002) [pop music] -EXTENSION UNTIL SEPT. 2006-
Canadian Science Channel (2002)
Fusion TV (2002) [interactive channel for families- games & books]
Hallmark Channel Canada (2002) -EXTENSION UNTIL SEPT. 2006-
Métis Michif Channel (2002) [channel for the Métis]
ResponseTV (2002) [interactive channel]
Stampede (2002) -EXTENSION UNTIL FALL 2005-
The Baseball Channel (2002) [This will launch, most likely, when MLB launches their channel]
The Kennel Club Network (2002) -EXTENSION UNTIL SEPT. 2006-
World Television Network (2002) (

FW TV (2003) [based on magazine of the same name, how-to programming]
The Auto Channel (2003)
The Armed Forces Network (2003)
The Cult Movie Channel (2003) [cult films & TV]
The Crime Channel (2003)

Canadian Info Channel (2004) [Homeland Security channel]
The Natural resources Television Channel (2004)
People T.V. (2004) [Christian Music]
TrackVu Horse Racing (2004)

CTV Newsvu (2005)
Global Fishing Network (2005) [Coming Fall 2005]
Gol TV Canada (2005) [Coming Fall 2005]
HSTN- High School TV Network (Its Back!) (2005)
Lonestar II (2005)
Reality TV (2005)
TBN Canada (2005) [Religious]
The Parent Channel (2005)


Aretefact HD (2005)
Oasis HD (2005)
The Score HD (2005)


Le Reseau Grand Air (2005)


Arabic Television Network [Nov. 6/05]
Croatian TV [Sept. 4/06]
Dutch TV [Sept. 4/06]
Hungarian TV [Sept. 4/06]
Polish TV [Sept. 4/06]
Ukrainian TV Two [Sept. 4/06]
Tamil TV 2 (News International) [Sept. 4/06]
Tamil TV 3 (Movie World) [Sept. 4/06]
Tamil TV 4 (Music Music Music) [Sept. 4/06]
K&C TV (Korean) [Sept. 11/06]
KTV- Korea Television [Aug. 6/07]
Russian TV [Aug. 6/07]
SBS Canada TV (Korean) [Sept. 21/07]
ISC Canada TV (Korean) [Sept. 21/07]
KBS Canada TV (Korean) [Sept. 21/07]
RTV- Russian Television [Sept. 21/07]
Arya TV (Farsi) [Oct. 8/07]
JTV- Jewish Television [Nov. 18/07]
Armenian TV [Nov.23/07]
Czech TV [Nov. 23/07]
Israeli TV One [Nov. 23/07]
Israeli TV Two [Nov. 23/07]
TelePersia (Farsi) [Nov. 23/07]
Persian TV (Farsi) [Nov. 23/07]
Serbian TV [Nov. 23/07]
Slovak TV [Nov. 23/07]
Virasat TV (South Asian) [Feb. 4/08]
IN-DEVOTE-TV (South Asian)[Mar. 4/08]
IN-NEWS-TV (South Asian) [Mar. 4/08]
IN-MUSIC-TV (South Asian) [Mar. 4/08]
PK-URDU-TV (South Asian) [Mar. 4/08]
Caribbean Circuit TV [Mar. 10/08]
ATN- South Asian News- Tamil [Apr. 7/08]
ATN- Malayalam Channel One [Apr. 7/08]
ATN- Malayalam Channel Two [Apr. 7/08]
ATN- Bangla Channel One [April. 7/08] [Coming OCT 2005]
ATN- Bangla Channel Two [April. 7/08]
ATN- Urdu Channel Two [April. 7/08]
ATN- Urdu Channel Three [April. 7/08]
ATN- Hindi Movie Channel Two [Apr. 7/08] [Coming OCT 2005]
ATN- Music Network One- (Hindi) [Apr. 8/08]
ATN- Music Network Two- (Hindi) [Apr. 8/08]
ATN- Music Network Three (Tamil) [Apr. 8/08]
ATN- Arabic News Channel [April. 8/08]
ATN- South Asian News- English [April. 8/08] [Coming Soon]
ATN- S. Asian News- Hindi/English [April. 8/08]
ATN- South Asian News- Hindi [April. 8/08]
ATN- Devotional Music & Discourse [Apr. 8/08] [Coming OCT 2005]
Nuevo Mundo TV (Spanish) [April. 11/08]
Hola! CDN Hispanic TV (Spanish) [April. 19/08]
All TV- SBS (Korean) [April. 20/08]
All TV- KBS (Korean) [April. 20/08]
ATC-AJIT TV (South Asian) [June 2/08]


DIY Television
Gambling TV
Girls TV
Military Channel (CDN channel not U.S. service)
Parent TV
Seniors Lifestyle Channel
Teletoon Retro E&F
The Cricket Channel
Wedding Bells TV
World Music Television
ZTV (Youth 18-29)

The Private Channel (Adult)
Pure Play clip Channel (Adult)


Canal Justice (Court Tv in French)
Chez moi (lifestyle & the home)
Humoour (comedy channel)
Nostalgie (classic TV/movies)
Star Systeme (Star! in French)
Tele Reve (Fine Living in French)
Tele Services (How-to stuff)
Tele Vitesse (planes, trains & automobiles)


Discovery HD Theatre Canada
Vista- The virtual window


Allarco entertainment
Boom TV
Spotlight TV
The Canadian Film Channel

There you have it folks, all the channels that are approved or maybe approved someday.
I hope this is what you are looking for SMCKINNON, happy now :)
I don't think most of these channels will see the light of day, but hey that's just my opinion.

saskatoondavid 2005-10-01 04:16 AM

With the exception of maybe reality tv channel and hallmark tv channel in canada similar to US, nothing is appealing on here at all!!! Wasn't Oxygen channel and a few other US imports approved awhile back, but noone has picked them up yet! To not carry more American channels when they are available is F'N Crazy!!!

SMCKINNON24 2005-10-01 03:52 PM

Theat A great list of channels coming./ I wasn't expecting to see that kinda of list. But thanks for posting it.

I will imagaine 90 % of them will be carried by Rogers, as Rogers likes to bring in the most channels in for it's customers.

PlayitSimple 2005-10-01 04:24 PM


Here are the US channels on the approved list that are not currently available (as you will see, I believe its because they would compete with CDN channels):

American Movie Classics (AMC) [rights issues, has commercials so forget about it I say]
C-SPAN [who cares?]
Comedy Central [competes with comedy network]
Lifetime Television [competes with W]
Oxygen Network [competes with W]
Turner Classic Movies (TCM) [rights issues]
TV Land [Time to put it on and fold the CDN version because it sucks!]

I hope someday Boomerang is added to the approved list, but that may take a miracle me thinks!


Glad you like the list, I think we should use it as the de facto list for new channels. I will try and update when something changes (i.e. channel not currently approved is approved or not, approved channel launches, etc.). Hey Hugh, maybe you could put it as a sticky so that its there as a reference for people, just a suggestion.

chris3579 2005-10-01 04:39 PM

i hope one day that NasaTV get's apporved

PlayitSimple 2005-10-19 12:09 PM


The following channels have been Approved (wow, what a surprise?!):

Canal Justice (Court Tv in French)
Chez moi (lifestyle & the home)
Tele Reve (Fine Living in French)

The following ethnic channels are now available on Rogers Cable:

ATN- Bangla Channel One [ATN Bangla] (Ch. 581)
ATN- Hindi Movie Channel Two [Zee Cinema] (Ch. 585)
ATN- Devotional Music & Discourse [Aastha Channel] (Ch. 584)
ATN Gujarati [Zee Gujarati] (Ch. 583)

The following channels have received 1-year extension until Sept. 2006 to launch:

Métis Michif Channel
Get Safe! TV

That's all for now folks! :)

The Watcher 2005-10-19 08:48 PM

The Casino & Gambling Channel is on the air 288 in Durham.

james99 2005-10-19 09:10 PM

So tell me, how can this category exist: [2] PENDING (BUT NOT YET APPROVED)?

Those channels may not be approved. Interesting that Discovery HD Theatre is on the list but not HDNET. Any reason?

PlayitSimple 2005-10-19 10:46 PM

The channels on this list are CANADIAN, thus no HD NET. These are all digital channels that companies have applied for a license to operate or to keep American versions out. The pending ones will most likely be approved, this is the CRTC we are talking about. You think they won't approve Teletoon Retro, for example, which would keep Boomerang out or Discovery HD Theatre Canada?? There may be the odd exception but I believe most will be rubber stamped, so to speak and it started today with 3 of the French ones.

Watcher, I am assuming you are referring to Rogers when talking about this channel?

The Watcher 2005-10-19 11:10 PM

Watcher, I am assuming you are referring to Rogers when talking about this channel?[/QUOTE]

Yes, I am referring to Rogers Cable in Oshawa.

Roger Corman 2005-10-20 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by SMCKINNON24
World Fishing Network November 2005

Why has no one proposed the "Watch Paint Dry Channel"? :rolleyes:

PlayitSimple 2005-10-20 01:42 PM

Don't give them any ideas :)

ryoung 2005-10-20 02:15 PM

What an incredible list of ... crap.

I'll take HDNET over ALL of those channels (combined).

Zelko 2005-10-20 04:23 PM


Why is Raptors TV HD not part of this list since it has already been approved by the CRTC?


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