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famous 2019-05-12 07:35 PM

Have you ever been hit by hurricane?
I am doing a research on the effect of hurricane in different regions in the world. Have you ever witnessed this cruel mother nature? If yes, where and when?

I am wondering if there have been an actual hurricane in Sarasota Florida.

ExDilbert 2019-05-13 11:51 AM

holl_ands 2019-05-14 03:51 PM

I've been in two moderate Hurricanes: Hawaii and Norfolk, VA....but missed the ONE and ONLY in San Diego County, which skirted along the coast in 1858.

A friend & his wife were in a Hotel at Poipu Beach, Kauai, HI when Major Hurricane forced them to cower in tub.

One of my brothers was stationed at Homestead AFB when Super Hurricane ANDREW (Aug1992) hit....he was TOTALLY SAFE in his nearby appt....but the base was heavily damaged...and eventually shut down.

My other brother was in Sebring, FL just outside the Eye of Major Hurricane IRMA (Jul2017):

Nowhere in Florida is truly "safe"....although inland is a bit safer...but it's still a crap shoot whether you will eventually get hit or NOT in what remains of your lifetime:
Course: Map Interpretation and Analysis

Florida Hurricane Tracks for 1916-2015:

Hurricane History in Florida...Tracks for each Category Storm:

Hurricane Search Engines: [Messy Search Engine] [Year-by-Year Tracks, but only up thru 2016]

Best Website for Tracking CURRENT Tropical Storms, incl. Hurricanes and Cyclones:

famous 2019-05-15 07:16 AM

I was searching through google and I came across this sentence


Sarasota is located in a vulnerable part of Florida. Although the major parts of this city are not always affected, some parts of Sarasota are often touched during storms.

I now see why there is no record of an actual hurricane in Sarasota. It has never affected its major cities. Which also means that region usually experience minor hurricanes. I hope am right.

57 2019-05-15 10:38 AM

I know someone who owns a condo in Sarasota and it was hit by a Tornado a couple of years ago. Fair bit of damage to a small area of Siesta Key.

famous 2019-05-15 11:35 AM

Thank you do much @57 , This is what I was looking for.

ExDilbert 2019-05-15 03:17 PM

If buying in Florida, what I would look for is a high enough elevation to avoid flooding and damage from storm surges and rising sea levels. Being inland a few miles can mitigate wind damage as hurricanes lose power as they hi land. No part of Florida is immune from hurricanes. It can be hit by Atlantic storms as well as gulf storms. As mentioned, hurricanes can spin off tornadoes which are much more destructive but affect much smaller areas.

holl_ands 2019-05-15 07:37 PM

Hurricanes [ONLY around North America] use the Saffir-Simpson CATEGORY Strength Scale: [Compare to areas other than around North America]

Compare to Tornado Force "F" would NOT want to be in an F2 Tornado:

Location for Tornadoes in Florida...selectable by "F" Scale:

Interactive Map for Sea Level Rise Impact to selected Coastal Cities (incl. Sarasota, FL) shows barrier islands (e.g. Siesta Key) being somewhat impacted with "only" 3-ft Rise...and seriously impacted at "only" 4-ft Rise [relative to current coastline]:

As much as a 3-ft (nearly 1-meter) MEAN Sea Level Rise could occur by 2070 [incl. recent estimate for more rapid Antarctic melting]...or perhaps even SOONER, since recent data shows a more rapid increase....Max Levels during Hurricane Surge conditions would be even HIGHER:

BTW: The original Climate Change Study Reports were intentional in presenting overly CONSERVATIVE estimates [i.e. Firmly supported by incontrovertible FACTS]....ignoring several important factors since at the time they weren't able to ACCURATELY estimate their impact....such as the effect of MASSIVE amounts of Methane being released "soonish" as the Tundra Melts....and how FAST the Antarctic and Iceland would melt....which we NOW see is MUCH more rapid than originally estimated.

We ALL should be VERY CONCERNED....just take a look as the HUGE SPIKE in the Atmospheric CO2 Level CONTINUES to SKYROCKET [as measured at top of Mauna Loa in Hawaii]...and way too politicians poo-poo any plans to reduce and/or sequester Carbon Emissions:

ExDilbert 2019-05-16 01:54 PM

The last time CO2 was this high (before that chart starts,) the oceans were several meters above current levels and the earth was significantly hotter. It may take several centuries for the full effects to be seen and it may trigger a runaway effect as massive amounts of CO2 could be released from permafrost and other CO2 sinks. In the meantime, hurricanes and other weather extremes are likely to become much more severe. I won't be moving to Florida. It may not even exist in its current form 50 years from now. Parts of some low lying cities are already being flooded at low tide.

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