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kahadrin 2019-03-28 08:23 AM

wireless souround sound?
hi I've bin looking into a wireless setup for my room. right now I've got my ps4 hooked up to a receiver with 5.1 souround im looking at the Bose 500 sound bar with wireless bass module 500 the guy at best buy says I can add wireless bose speakers later on to make it suround. I want to be able to hear gun fire & enemy sneaking up behind me while playing ps4 is there a wireless solution for that? and is this it?

57 2019-03-28 09:59 AM

I have the following comments about "wireless" surround speakers. These comments depend on the system under consideration, but may give you some things to think about.

1. Although there are no wires going to the rear speakers from the front of the room, those speakers usually have a module or one of the speakers (which acts as the receiving module) needs to be plugged into electrical power (I call that a "wire", not "wireless").

2. There is usually a wire (or wires) going from the module to the speakers or one speaker to the other if one speaker acts as the receiving module.

3. Depending on if it's Bluetooth or IR, if someone or something blocks the signal or walks between the front and rear of the room, the sound may be disrupted.

4. The audio quality is probably not as good as a direct-wired setup.

5. If at all possible, use wired speakers with the wires appropriately hidden under a carpet, baseboard, through the basement, etc.

6. I do not recommend Bo$e because it's typically much more costly and typically the sound quality is not as good as comparably priced (or even lower priced) name brand speaker systems. Also, due to the way Bose works/is manufactured, there are more often issues with operating well with other equipment - remote controls don't have it in their database, etc.

holl_ands 2019-03-28 03:50 PM

I summarized various WIRELESS AUDIO EXTENDERS for use with ANY Speaker [Powered or Unpowered] in the fol. ALL Wireless Systems, et. al.:

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