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ExRobotGuy 2018-11-30 11:50 AM

Cogeco internet modems
I'm thinking of dropping Bell Internet because Fibe [although on my street!!] might not be installed in this house for years!

Cogeco [Kingston] offers great speed at decent prices. If you know of any caveats please mention them.

I'd like to know what modems are being installed by this company so I can do some research.

I'll be dropping my Bell Sat TV service [+internet] and going with an Apple TV 4K in the new year.


JamesK 2018-11-30 01:38 PM

One benefit with Cogeco over Bell is they provide IPv6. I have no idea why Bell is so behind the times on this.

ExRobotGuy 2018-11-30 03:43 PM

Does that add possibilty of better security?

JamesK 2018-11-30 04:57 PM

In some ways. Given the unbelievably huge address space, target scanning isn't feasible. Also, IPv6 uses "privacy addresses" in which the address used for outgoing connections changes daily. Incoming connections, such as for servers, remain constant. There are other enhancements that reduced the risk of attacks. For example, with ICMPv6, it's actually possible to limit a message to a single hop, blocking any that come from further out. This blocks a lot of attacks. However, the main benefit of IPv6 is the huge number of addresses available. On Cogeco, you'll get an address block with a minimum of 18.4 billion, billion addresses, all to yourself. On Rogers, I get 256x that. This means I can have blocks for VLANs, subnets and more. Each device capable of IPv6 gets its own public address, compared to using NAT to share a single address on IPv4.

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