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jeffaustin90 2018-11-28 12:48 PM

Netflix Canada discussion
"The Flash" on Netflix Canada?

My apologies if this is the wrong place for it, but can someone tell me why Netflix Canada has not uploaded the two most recent episodes of The Flash? With CTV dropping the series there's no other way to watch it in Canada(unless you watch it on The CW).

Dr.Dave 2018-11-28 05:41 PM

We moved your thread to the " Internet Television: Streaming Services including Netflix and Apple TV" section and made it a sticky for general Netflix discussion.

I did a search and found this response on Twitter. At least they're aware of the problem.


Nov 23 - where’s the flash episode?? and why aren’t you addressing it?

Hey there! It looks like we don't have any info just yet but we'll keep ya updated with our social media pages, just keep an 👀 out for any announcements! #staytuned *CH

jeffaustin90 2018-11-28 06:11 PM

Thanks Dr. Dave! Odd how they don't even have a reason as to why it's not there.

Dr.Dave 2018-11-28 08:05 PM

@jeffaustin90 They fixed their technical problems with episode 6 "The Icicle Cometh" - see

Just a note that The Flash will take a break after the Dec. 9 episode and return Jan. 15.

gdkitty 2018-11-29 09:38 AM

Looks like they have added the latest (Nov27) episode as well.

bev fan 2018-11-29 11:24 AM

Netflix has just announced the biggest price increase in Canada.

Blintok 2018-11-29 01:09 PM

I just do not understand the mindset of TV services. In the non-bizarro land more competition and more choice for consumers usually means lower pricing
and special deals to keep customers and attract new ones. In TV-land it means higher prices and service and perk cuts. Netflix soon will be losing a lot of content
to Disney. Lets jack up prices by 40% to keep customers!!

Mr.6 2018-11-29 03:05 PM

I don't get it either. This is a whopping 30% increase for me. I thought the same as you, more competition means better pricing. But no, it means a 30% increase.


Is Disney + coming to Canada as well or will it only be availble in the U.S.A. at first?


magnet 2018-11-29 03:13 PM

Still cheaper than one person going to the movies for 1 night and this is up to 30 nights of entertainment.

Romany 2018-11-29 03:52 PM

Netflix new price of $16.99 a month for HD Streaming is really pushing that cancel button.
There 4k programming is really limited and is not much better then there regular HD.
The sound quality is still poor ,the 5~1 mix has no dynamic range at all,so you have to choose the Stereo option just to hear the dialogue.
My biggest beef is still the old picture browser with the same programs listed in many category's.
Why they just don't list every program they have A to Z with just a short text description.
I can see hitting the cancel button this spring again ;)

Mr.6 2018-11-29 03:55 PM

I agree it is cheaper. But like Blintok said usually more competition equals better pricing.

I think they saw that Cravetv + is $20.00 and they said to themselves we can add $3.00 to the price and still be cheaper. That must be the competition they are talking about.

Did pricing go up in other countries as well?


ExDilbert 2018-11-29 04:12 PM

Netflix Eyeing Total of About 700 Original Series in 2018


Netflix, set to spend upwards of $8 billion on content in 2018, will have in the neighborhood of 700 original TV shows on the service worldwide this year, according to CFO David Wells.
Netflix spends more on content than anyone else on the internet — and many TV networks, too

Netflix will probably spend more in 2019.

Netflix in the US costs:
Basic (streaming) US$8 = CDN$10.62
Standard (streaming) US$11 = CDN$14.60
Premium (streaming) US$14 = CDN$18.58

For years, Netflix has been discounting its Canadian service by the amount of the US/Canadian dollar exchange rate. The new increases just brings the rates closer to US levels when the exchange rate is factored in. It's still a bargain compared to the US Netflix and to most other streaming services.

ExDilbert 2018-11-29 04:23 PM


The sound quality is still poor ,the 5~1 mix has no dynamic range at all,so you have to choose the Stereo option just to hear the dialogue.
That's probably either the content, the streaming rate or the home platform. Some Netflix shows are the best sounding TV have ever heard. For example, the intro to Netflix’s House of Cards using a Chromecast over a high speed internet connection sounds spectacular. Using a PC browser is not nearly as good due to the downgrading of the sound format for that platform. Some platforms limit video quality as well, as has been reported by users of Netflix on Fibe boxes.

17671 2018-11-29 04:52 PM

My wife has Netflix, and I do watch it "sometimes" like maybe 2 to 3 times a month. Its not bad but yeah not many people are too crazy about original netflix content, some people still prefer to have a variety of content from other sources too like me. I would even pay Double for it if they are able to do this but we know whats going to happen, every content creator will create its own Over The Top streaming service, and we will be back to square one and cable will revamp a bit and start to look very attractive and competitive..

ExDilbert 2018-11-29 05:01 PM

We have the same experience here. I subscribe to Netflix 2-3 months a year when regular TV schedules are on hiatus. I can get everything I want to see watched in that time frame.

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