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mrgordos 2018-08-23 06:32 PM

Leaving MTS Discussions, Rants, Etc.
My 80 year old mother-in-law cancelled her BellMTS last week and was told that she would have to mail the equipment back because apparently you can no longer return it to their stores. When she explained that she had no boxes since they took them when they installed the equipment, they told her to buy some boxes and bubble-wrap! She was then told that if she paid a $45.00 fee that they would come and pick them up. Even though the family thought that this was ridiculous, she said she would pay it and arrangements were made. Today they phoned her and told her that they would not be sending anyone and that she would have to send it back. I have 2 problems with this: Why is she on the hook for the cost of shipping supplies and why is the CRTC allowing Bell to basically punish people who no longer want the services that they provide? I am furious and will never use Bell for any of my services in the future, and since my 2 year contract with Shaw is just about up, Bell lost the business that they would have had from me as I am basically a jumper from one service to another looking for the best price. Will also be moving my cell contract at the end of this month from Bell to Telus or Rogers, so this new policy they have for MB since they bought MTS is costing them at least 230.00 a month from me alone.

timlocke 2018-08-24 12:58 PM

I would take the stuff and just dump it on the counter in one of their stores...just because. If they tried to charge the tell the cc company or bank to refuse the charge.

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bev fan 2018-08-24 04:57 PM

I wouldn't do that as Bell could charge for the equipment and send collection agency for not making the payment.
I have returned Bell's equipment many times and they had always sent return stickers with boxes or envelopes.
You can buy envelopes with bubble wrap inside probably for $1. That would be the easiest way IMO

Dr.Dave 2018-08-24 09:09 PM

That sounds like one of the worst policies I've heard of. Bell Satellite and Bell Fibe TV in Ontario aren't nearly as bad.

I wouldn't recommend dropping the equipment on the counter of an MTS Connect store, since those stores aren't run by MTS. They are run by licensed dealers, such as Advance Electronics in Polo Park.

Many years ago I switched from MTS to Shaw for a promo and dropped off my equipment at the MTS dealer store as recommended by the telephone rep. She said to be sure and get a receipt for the equipment and I did. Sure enough, my next MTS bill had a huge charge for the equipment. I had to call the billing dept. with my receipt number and wait while they looked it up to get the charge cancelled.

Imagine what would happen if you dumped the equipment on the counter and walked away.

andyk 2018-08-25 01:08 AM

I went through this in May. The policy changed this spring. It's not supposed to involve buying your own boxes and MTS pays the postage. Must have had a bad CSR. Anyway the policy is still online but hard to find on their site now. I found it with Google.

The links are and

I was sent one folded box the day after I cancelled and barely got everything in it, separated by bubble wrap. I called them about the absence of extra boxes for each piece of equipment and they said it would be OK. They payed the postage.

I guess there were no problems as I received my final month refund about 3 weeks later. But it's still a pretty lax procedure.

Cham 2018-08-25 12:47 PM

Yes we had to leave Bell for basically the same reason. Sat receiver died and they wouldn't send us a new one until they received the old one, and had to be mailed and insured for a stupid amount of $$, think $40 or more, and we would be without TV for over a month waiting for them to decide to send us a new one. Non of the BellMTS stores would do anything. Switched to Shaw and problem solved.
They never sent a collection agency, but after a string af nasty phone calls from them a nice Lady from QC called and understood our situation, and cancelled out the account and the several months of unpaid fees after not having service from them for that time.
<extreme sarcasm> Wonderful customer service! </extreme sarcasm>

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