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fozzee 2018-04-18 01:03 AM

Missing Channels
Did anyone else lose their Sportsnet Channels on Sunday? My guide only had Sportsnet East and Ontario (both were grayed out on the guide, West and Pacific was not listed at all) and if you turned to East or Ont is say that you are not subscribed. I called Bell, was told that it was affecting all HD receivers, the Bell rep asked for the receiver info, had me do the reset, signal/switch check then did whatever they do on their end, sent some sort of command to my receiver. My Sportsnet Channels came back but then I lost the east feed of U.S. networks and my Chinese Combo on that receiver now says that I'm not subscribed, the other receivers in the house those channels still work but no Sportsnet. I synchronize my channels thru the website,does not fix problem and on Monday I call again, the Bell rep says they are still having problems with Sportsnet (they are actually blaming Sportsnet for the issue) but assures me that she will fix the missing channels problem, we go thru everything again and tells me to wait 2 hours for it to all come back (except for Sportsnet, she can't do anything about that) I check in the morning, issue not fixed. This evening I thought if I de-activate one receiver then re-activate, maybe it will fix the problems, it basically copied what is on the receiver that Bell was trying to fix (Sportsnet works but the same channels are missing and same issue with Chinese combo) I tried Chat support, the rep tries all the same as the two before (tells me that Bell did an upgrade on their smart cards and since the 6131 has an internal card his conclusion is that both 6131 receivers are defective and need to be replaced) So my 6131's are now defective because Bell upgraded their smart cards? I have 3 other 6131 receivers in the house that I don't want to touch now. I don't really want to buy 5 new receivers. Anyone else encounter this? Sorry for the long post

jdevlin 2018-04-18 01:03 PM

I watched the indycar race on Sunday at 4:00PM. on SN.

TorontoHD1 2018-04-18 07:52 PM

Reply: fozzee

I am in the same boat, i have (1) 9241 and (3) 6131 receivers that are all missing the same channels since April 12/18.

WGN - 1232
TSN2 - 1401
SNO - 1405
SNE - 1406
SNP - 1407
SNW - 1408

I have had several conversations with Bell and have been told that it will get corrected, but i'm not holding my breath on this one. I went through a complete system check and everything is ok on my end, and i figured it has something to do with one of their updates. I will be calling them again tomorrow, i'm really starting to lose patience. If this has something to do with one of their updates, it's on them to rectify the problem, there's no chance i will be shelling out money to replace my receivers.

fozzee 2018-04-18 11:37 PM

TorontoHD1 - I lost the exact same channels. This morning I was planning on calling Bell Customer Retentions but the first person I talked to knew what they were doing. I explained everything that happened and how frustrated I was getting, she said that is they had to upgrade the smart card and since our 6131 has the internal smart card it can't be upgraded so they are sending me replacement HD receivers for all 5 of mine under "warranty" even though I bought my receivers and the warranty is long gone. She said it is a warranty because what happened is not the customers fault. When I get the 5 units I just have to send my 6131's back to them. Call Bell again and I hope you get a person who knows what they are talking about.

TorontoHD1 2018-04-19 01:37 AM

Thanks for the update, i will be calling them tomorrow and i will keep you posted.

giovanni 2018-04-19 08:38 AM

Missing Channels
Hi all....

I have noticed lately that I have been missing some channels, mainly the TSN and SN (1401, 1405, 1406, 1407, 1408). It is not just on one receiver in the house but all of them (I have 3). 9242 and 9241.

I have called to complain and I have gone through the whole shpeel with them about resetting and rebooting and unplugging. One of them kept insisting I had to remove the smart card. :surprise. (Try doing that to a 9241 or a 9242!!)

Anyways, after all of their attempts to resend the signal and all of that stuff (nothing changed) they said they had to send a tech over to check everything. They insisted the problem was on my end. He came yesterday. He was a bit rude. Would hardly let me explain the problem to him. After he checked the signal strength coming in the house (over 90%) he said there is nothing else he could do. I barely got a word in. Said the problem is with the packets they are sending to you, that they don't include the right channels you are paying for.

Just wondering if anybody is missing these channels (or others) and what I may pursue with them next?

I have a call in to the Loyalty Department but they have not called me back yet.

dm_4u 2018-04-19 08:54 AM

I have a 6100 that continues to be missing 1402 TSN3.

It's been missing for over a year now...I suspect it's a capacitor thing but can't be positive...I too ran the gamut of Bell fixes and nothing I gave up.

giovanni 2018-04-19 09:03 AM

I could understand that being the culprit on one....but I have the same problem on all 3 receivers.

mr.eous 2018-04-19 09:16 AM

deactivate / reactivate
I had a similar issue six years ago.
If you haven't already, phone Bell tech support, explain your issue, and ask them to temporarily deactivate all receivers on your account. Next, do a power cycle reset on each receiver, then instruct Bell to reactivate (add) the receivers to your account again.
During my experience, I learned that the programming synchronization 'hit' doesn't always work, and the only way to make all subscribed channels reappear is to deactivate + reactivate each receiver.
Never take Bell's "advice" that your receivers are too old, defective, etc. just because a few channels are missing. That'd be like throwing out your computer because a few pieces of software aren't working.

17671 2018-04-19 09:20 AM

I have several receivers and its not as hard as people say to remove the smart cards from them. There is a door that opens and you take out the card and voila, your done. there is also the chance some receivers do not have external cards, you obviously cant remove these cards but im pretty sure bell can send you a new card to place in the receiver if there are problems with the internal ones.

secondly i do not have any missing channels issues at this time but i will check all my receivers when i get home and confirm

giovanni 2018-04-19 09:21 AM

I agree.... I tried telling them (on the third phone call) to delete all the programming on the receivers and then re-send the same package. She was hard headed!! Insisted that after all of the testing she did on her end, that the Tech had to come out. Well.. she was wrong. SURPRISE!

TorontoHD1 2018-04-20 09:30 AM

You're not alone, i have the exact same issues with the same channels. One of their updates has messed up the internal smartcard in some receivers, some people are getting new receivers, while some are getting new smartcards, i fall into the latter. It's yet to be seen if the new smartcards will correct the problem, i'm still waiting for them to arrive.
It took 5 phone calls and some persistence, but just mention to the CSR that you are aware of other people having the exact same problem, and that it was Bell's update that caused the problem in the first place.

1232 – WGN
1401 – TSN2
1405 – SNO
1406 – SNE
1407 – SNP
1408 – SNW
1428 – GOLF

fozzee 2018-04-20 11:21 AM

It just baffles me that some people at Bell know what's going on and some have no clue, I suspect that it is the reps from their support call centre outside of Canada that do not know what is going on. I went into a Bell store and talked to someone there and asked if their Sportsnet Channels were working or not and was told that earlier in the week it was not working and they either got a replacement card or updated their card (can't remember what he said).

bill in poco 2018-04-21 10:07 PM

missing channels
just called bell did check switch ,then unplug for one minute most came back except wgn .there update caused problem they need to make it right .i thought they could of emailed customers with some info ,just likesend there bills to everybody.

bill in poco 2018-04-21 11:16 PM

missing chanells
update east networks are missing

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