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bjlockie 2018-03-15 09:36 PM

orientation of soundbar subwoofer
I have a soundbar with a wireless subwoofer.
I want to put it on it's side on a shelf.
The Samsung rep said I can but I question if they really know. :-)
I don't think is only for very low sounds.

ExDilbert 2018-03-16 06:03 PM

Subwoofers should never be placed on a shelf. They need to be on the floor. Place it so that it is not in a corner. Other than that, there are not a lot of rules unless you are looking for audiophile level perfection. It can be almost anywhere in the room.

eljay 2018-03-16 09:35 PM

If possible, a subwoofer should go where the room dictates it should go. Do a sub crawl to find the two or three locations that offer the best overall output at the main listening position (MLP) and place the sub in the location that works best for you.

ChristianGreen4 2018-04-26 12:15 PM

Try a few different positions to find what sounds best from your seat. A corner position often amplifies the sound quite a bit which is good if you want more output in the room while having less bass noise in other areas of the house where people might be sleeping.

ExDilbert 2018-04-26 03:08 PM

Corner positions for a subwoofer can be problematic and can cause unnatural peaks due to resonances with equidistant walls. It's best to place the sub at different distances from all walls. That includes opposite walls and the ceiling. Peaks cause by resonances can be used to optimize the sound but performing a mathematical analysis may be going overboard. Common sense also says to avoid equal distances from the nearest two walls and avoid equal distances between any wall, ceiling and opposite wall. If possible, avoid a distance from any wall that would reinforce the subs own internal resonance. And place it on the floor.

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