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hdtvvan 2017-10-30 06:49 PM

Eastlink Stream Issue MacOS
Just recently switched to Delta Cable (Eastlink) in September. Tried to use Stream on my MacBook Air and my iMac but am having issues. Works fine on iOS and Windows just not MacOS. MacOS version 10.13

CiscoVideoGuard is installed. I launch Stream and log in. The picture displays OK but all the words are upside down and I get unauthorized for some channels which I can access in iOS or Windows.

Called Eastlink, who indicated that I need to wait for the next MacOS update for this to work properly. They don't have any Macs to use to try and replicate the problem.

Anyone else using Eastlink Stream on a MacOS?

hdtvvan 2017-11-03 10:58 AM

Did my own troubleshooting and Cisco Video Guard 6.8 works OK on MacOS 10.12.

smallmj 2017-11-04 06:49 AM

Glad things worked out. It's a shame that the Eastlink tech support people couldn't help though.

Carl D 2017-11-07 08:36 PM

MacOS 10.13
I am using MacOS 10.13 and Cisco Video Guard is installed at ~/Library/Cisco/VideoGuardPlayer ... however, I still can't get the stream to load. It does work on iOS, but still working on a solution for MacOS ... any suggestions?

hdtvvan 2017-11-08 10:46 AM

You will probably need to wait for a newer version of Cisco Video Guard player as I could not get it to work properly at all in MacOS 10.13. I went back to MacOS 10.12

cdaniels 2018-09-06 05:37 PM

Works with Firefox only on MacOS 10.13
I was able to get it Cisco Video Guard 7.4 working on Mac 10.13.6 on Firefox (Quantum v62.0) ... Chrome or Safari did NOT work.

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